Saturday, January 28, 2012


Anyone made cheese before. I opened a pack of cream cheese and it was grainy! I was mortified since I bought it in bulk, and it was pricey. So I used it for baking and it was fine, but found a recipe for cream cheese. It seems simple enough, but any feedback on cheesemaking would be great! Maybe this will be my new project.



Produce Trip for the week

I am the biggest sucker for produce. I will admit I adore a good deal, but produce is my savings breaker. So I save other ways to have awesome produce...makes sense to me! In efforts to keep my monthly menu fresh I tend to live in the produce market lol. Here is my little trip for this week!

2 eggplant over 3lbs marked down 1.50 [for homemade burgers we made]

5 zucchini [forgot to weigh them :P] 1.29

1 iceberg lettuce for wraps this week .99

2 Daikon radishes [to pickle for the wraps & can] 2.57

1 Cucumber .33

1 Hass Avocado [nomnom] 1.00

1 Rome Apple [for salad etc] 1.02

1 bag Spinach 2.49

1 Plum Tomato .24

1 package Arugla 1.99

Total 13.42

This week my shopping trips were slim as I am trying not to spend to much, and use some of our stockpile. I also went to Aldi's and bought 2 gallons of milk for 2.89e bringing totals for this week $21.20

Eggplant Burger

So while we watched a bit of Food Network we watched Best of Burgers. In the effort of getting everyone on the LESS MEAT track the eggplant burger seemed like the perfect idea! Eggplant, burger, I must be in heaven! After cubing the eggplant I sauteed it in a frying pan. In the food processor I grated the garlic while the eggplant was getting soft. After it was cooked down I added it to the processor with the garlic, cheddar cheese, and bread crumbs [the first batch I ever made!!] on pulse I looked for a thicker consistency.

First I tried the George Forman grill. That was a bust because of the grates. Do they have a griddle top for a George Forman? I went back to the frying pan and added a bit of canola oil. Since this was my first time doing anything like this I know next time I will make them a bit smaller. They were monsters! 3lbs of eggplant made 7 seriously monster burgers.

To top it off some strawberries were hitting their last leg, and we turned them into a refreshing strawberry vinaigrette for the spinach apple hazelnut salad my oldest concocted. It was fabulous I promise you! So here is the ending result of our eggplant burgers, with lovely salad. We will make them again as they are so tasty I kid you not. My oldest detest eggplant, but he choose the eggplant burger over the turkey burger! Shocker! Happy day enjoy the rest of your weekend with those you love!


Michael's Neat Small Trip

Well we went to Michael's before the coupon. Hubby was in need of canvas, and gesso. So they had canvas 50% so got him a couple to last hopefully a week.

Nice find for me though that made me rather giddy. Outside of Michael's they had a couple bins full of Michael's bags. The sign read "Grab Bag-$2" At this point my mind was swirling. They were monster bags jam packed with goodies. I only got one since I knew that my OCD was kicking in profusely at this point. This one bag was full of over 32 wooden puzzle/games. I think of when I was a kid with these neat little games, and Crackle Barrel lol.

So end result 32 games/$2 or .06each

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Michaels Craft Store Coupon

Nice craft coupon if you have a Michael's in your area. Starts January 26th - January 28th. $5 off of $25 great deal for things on sale! Michaels Coupon. Happy savings!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Loreal Coupons

Check out your emails for new Loreal coupons! CVS is back to there fun times of 50%, and 75% so might be some freebies, or inexpensive makeup! Not signed up? Loreal website

$1 off lipcolor

$2 off Revitalift product

$2 Visable Lift Foundation or face product

$2 off Magic Smooth Souffle foundation

$1 off any Loreal product after interactive makeup tips.


Did you find any makeup buys at CVS? I didn't really find much, but will be back on the makeup hunt soon with these new coupon goodies!

Never too young to learn savings...

Well Happy Sunday to you and yours! Yesterday after our visit to the local produce market with my youngest we picked up some lovely wares. After we both decided to share a lovely orange we sat at the table and spoke about how everything in life God has given us has a purpose. Even that orange peel. So lo and behold today I made a carrot cake just because...sometimes we all need a little carrot cake!

So it goes show that even that orange peel had a purpose. I grated it and used it to make the delicious cream cheese frosting. Also when in the hospital they had a medical show [yes in the hospital a medical you don't get scared enough being there!!!] it showed how the outside of the orange is the best nutrients as well as cleansing power for your body. Also great for indigestion, and heartburn! Who would have thought! Every day I take something for heartburn and haven't drank orange juice in the longest time.

Well in the end we all have a purpose even an orange peel. Happy day spend it with those you love. xoxo

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Walmart 66% Savings here Savings there

Not sure how good I did with this one. I ALWAYS have PROBLEMS when I use coupons @ Walmart. The cashier was lovely and understanding, but the coupons wouldn't scan and it took forever. There were people behind me and it was very frustrating. It will be some time before I venture into Walmart just isn't my kind of place. They make it difficult to use coupons. Maybe it is my location, but always there are so many problems there.


2 Pictionary card game 6.88=13.76-[2]5.00mq=3.76/1.88e

2 Chapstick .98=1.96-[2].25mq=1.46/.73e

4 Kotex liners 1.24=4.96-[4]1.00=.96/.24e

4 Visine 3.62=14.48-[4]2.00mq=6.48/1.62e

2 Reach floss .97=1.94-[2]1.00mq=  -.03

2 Cortaid 3.50=7.00-[2]3.00mq=1.00/.50e

4 Tylenol Precise 5.47=21.88-[4]5.00mq=1.88/.47e

4 gauze pads 1.56=6.24-[2]1.50mq=3.24/.81e

8 Sun mixes .78=6.24-[4]bogo q[3.12]=3.12/.39e

4 I can't Believe It's not Butter 2.68=10.72-[4]1.00MQ=6.72/1.68e

1 lunchable for field trip 1.58

1 Donut 1.98-1.50 wyb icbinb=.48

1 cookie 2.00-1.50 wyb icbinb=.50


Total spent w tax 32.12

Savings 66%

coupons tended 62.62

Euphoric Publix Shopping is TRULY A PLEASURE 1-21-12

Sometimes in life we are just giddy to shop. When they have the gas card deals...I do indeed get giddy. I enjoy finding the deals and working them to save for the ever growing gas rates. So why not have a gas card stockpile? Here goes....*more giddiness*

4 Kashi cereal 2.99=11.96-[2]WF 1.00-[4]1.00-[2]TQ .50=4.96/1.24e

4 Townhouse crackers bogo 3.87=7.74-[2]1.00MQ-[2]1.00TQ=3.74/.94e

1 salt/pepper pistachios 3.99-1.00mq=2.99

4 Crunchmaster crackers bogo 3.19=6.38-[4]1.00mq= 2.38/.60e

2 starkist tuna pouches 1.00=2.00-1.00PQ-[2].50mq=0.00 FREE

1 One a Day Woman 6.79-25%=5.09-2.00mq-2.00TQ=1.09

2 Stayfree pads 3.47=6.94 -[1]bogo mq 3.47-[2]1.00mq=1.47/.74e

4 Kleenex tissues 1.67=6.68-[2]1.00PQ=4.68/1.17e

6 Hillshire Farms chicken 3.50=21.00-[6]1.00PQ-[6]1.00MQ=9.00/1.50 [2 in each pack they look really tasty!][.75e chicken!]

2 Tyson Chicken 3.99=7.98-[2]1.00PQ-[2]1.00MQ=3.98/1.99e

2 -12pk Dr. Pepper 3.33=6.67 -[2]1.00TQ -[2]1.00mq wyb orville popcorn=2.67/1.34e

2 -2lt Dr. Pepper 3.78-3.78PQ wyb a 12pk Dr.Pepper

2 Orville popcorn kernels bogo 4.99- 1.00pq=3.99/1.99e

2 Orville popcorn microwave bogo 4.99

1 Orville popcorn oil 3.85-3.85pq wyb Orville microwave popcorn= FREE

1 tic tac filler 1.29

6 Gas X 4.59=27.54-[3]5.00PQ-[3]3.00MQ=3.54/.59e

4 Pepperidge Farm crackers bogo 3.49=6.98-[4]1.00mq=2.98/.75e

4 dz Eggland's Best eggs 2.29=9.16-[4].35=7.76/1.94dz

2 -$5/$50

2- $5/$30

6- $10 wyb $50 gas card

6 gas cards 300.00

Total w/tax before coupons:$501.95

Coupons tendered $167.50

GRAND TOTAL: $285.26

GRAND MOTHERLODE OF SAVINGS: 41% this might be wrong I am having a brain fart.

How I see it is I have $300 in gas cards a ton of other goodies including meat for less than the gas card cost. That my friends is a great way to end the week. I hope you did just as well! Happy Day!

Coupon lingo

TQ=Target Coupon

WF=Whole Food Coupon

PQ=Publix Coupons

MQ=Manufacture Coupon


wyb= When you buy

bogo=buy one get one

Free= HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!

CVS 72% Savings 1-21-12

Short little trip to get some cereal. I tend to keep cereal prices $1.50 or lower.


4 Honey Bunches of Oats 2.50=10.00-[4]1.00mq=6.00/1.50e

2 Nivea lipcare 3.39=6.78-50%/1=1.70-3.00mq=2.08/1.04e

-1.00ECB [red magic box]

Total 7.08

Savings 41% savings

Friday, January 20, 2012

Freebies this weekend



Nothing better than freebies!

I took this then the postman came and got more lol.



2 publix store coupons [using tomorrow!] $5/$30

& greenworks wipe samples, and q's not photographed.


Get anything cool this weekend? Wishing you safe travels, and lots of savings this weekend!

Target 55% Savings short and sweet

Just a little trip today at our local Super Target.


2 mac n cheese 1.59=3.18-[2]1.00tq=1.18/.59e

4 barilla pasta 1.29=5.16-[2]1.00mq=3.16/.79

2 Nature Made D-3 1000 3.99=7.98-[2]1.00TQ -3.00mq=2.98/1.50e

Total w/tax 7.27

coupons tendered 9.00

savings 55%

Ham O' Glorious Ham Aldi's trip 1-16-2012

I can't tell you the feeling of euphoria when a deal is well done.

2 g milk 2.69=5.38

2L soda .59=1.18

2 Pretzel 1.29=1.58

2 chili cheese fritos 1.19=2.38

2 chocolate raisins 1.06=2.12

1 garlic .99

2 diced tomatoes .59=1.18

1 Cantaloupe 1.59

2 cans diced clams 1.19=2.38

1 cauliflower .99

1 32oz ketchup 1.19

1 tortilla 1.19

2 lbs powder sugar 1.49

1 dz eggs 1.39

Now to the grand finale:

9.61lb shank ham 5.44

9.99lb shank ham 5.89

Now I will say this because I almost bought turkey bacon, but for this price I decided to buy another ham and throw it in the freezer. My freezer is the norm, but daily I am thinking of getting a deep freeze, but I have NO WHERE to put it! I am still giddy over the ham price was .50lb!!!!

Total with tax: 39.05

Aldi's makes for awesome savings on milk alone as it is over $1 more at Publix, etc. Chips always are well over $2/$3. I am a chip nut so that is my hips downfall.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012 update

New update tonight @

     Enfamil $10


Sambazon juice ♥ Will make this free at Publix, and can use with the bogo here

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tiny Publix trip 1-16-12

This was one of those darned if you do darned if you don't trips. I didn't need or find anything that bowled me over in this ad other than the ACTIVIA! I love that stuff! I had a $10 off $50 that was burning a whole in my pocket. So I figured if nothing else I would get some canning jars. I should have stuck with that though in the end. :(


2 Weight Watchers muffins 3.69 bogo [2]1.00mq=1.69/.80each

1 Purina One [bad purchase I am still kicking myself over this one] 5.00 no q's

4 Activia [insert giddiness] 2.00each -[2]2.00TQ - [4]1.00MQ = FREEEE

2 Corndogs 3.49- .75MQ on box =2.74/1.37each

1 Hefty trash bags [kicks self] 7.59-1.00mq=6.59

2 eggbeaters 1.67=3.34 -[2]1.00=1.34/.67each

2 pint jars 18.38

Okay I am always realistic. This was not a great job this week. I ran out of trash bags, and cat food. Could I have found a better deal and got more jars yes. Am I kicking myself mercy yes. The corndogs were all because my youngest was begging me for them. Processed food=disgusting, but kids love it *sigh*


On with the show. Totals


$5 competitor q on $50

Total with tax $22.50

coupons tendered $28.75

savings 62% $42.06

Pretzel Freebie why not?!


Found this and it is probably older, but figured I would post it anyways! Free pretzels after rebate 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

More Thrifty Ways to Meet Ends Meet! Homemade Hot Cocoa.

Well I am on a mission to make more things and end the processed food in this house. Not that some of these items aren't processed, but I just am tired of spending an arm and a leg on hot cocoa during the winter months. Nothing is more soothing to us than a cup of steaming cocoa when old man winter rears his head. So I found this killer recipe I shared once before, but will again hot cocoa recipe. Still as yet I am trying to figure if this is a better deal than the packaged hot cocoa. We have huge mugs, and tend to use 1.5 packets of the packaged one. The homemade version we use 3 heaping T. My total cost for all the ingredients for a double batch [4 qts of mix] was $9.52. I figured I would need a slew of dried milk, but hey it will come in use for breadmaking, hurricanes, etc.

After testing the packet kind we used 5T compared to the 3T in the homemade version. The homemade version had a nice rich flavor as well. This 4qt mix will make 85 cups of homemade hot cocoa and .11 per serving. The packet version was .25 per serving which isn't much more, but I think I will stick to the homemade version because it is versatile. I am sure as well that I can get down the ingredient cost because I didn't have much in q's for the nesquik at the time.

I know this is an unusual test, but hey in life all of it is a gamble...sometimes we just need to humor ourselves! For now I will stick my $11.90 in my pocket and run off to make some hot cocoa it sure is cold tonight! Bless you and yours.

Freebies this week

I haven't got freebies in awhile, but today they were flowing from the mailbox like a spotlight on the darkest of nights. I don't drink Red Bull, but umm a rainy day I just might! The Starbucks came from my rebate, but hey still a freebie after all my previous q's etc. So now that hubby is home for awhile we will have to treat ourselves to a nice hot cup of joe!

Get anything interesting this week on your end? Enjoy your weekend! A nice long one for our neck of the woods.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Whole Foods 1-12-12

A big Happy Birthday to my friend D. A small trip to Whole Foods this week.

7 Nasoya Tofu 2.69 -[7]1.25 WFQ -[7].75MQ=4.83/.69each

2 Celestial Wellness Tea 3.00=6.00-[2]2.00WFQ -[2]1.00MQ=2.00/1.00

Total $6.83

coupons tendered =$18.00

savings 78% $24.83

Now the clincher. Does anyone have great tofu recipes? On my mission to save money I want to make us a bit more healthy. So this is a step in the right direction. Have a fabulous day now!

FREE Activia @ Publix

If you get the paper on Sunday with the SS insert there will be a $1/1 Activia q. Also if your Publix accepts Target store q's this will be a great freebie!


Well on my mission to become more thrifty. I find that I am in need of more canning jars. The dilema is there is no where around here that carries them that I have seen but Publix. Publix sent me a $10 off $50 and I am thinking of using it on those jars to get the price down some. Any ideas?

Publix haul 1-11-12

Checked my receipt after the fact so will be heading back for some of the differences.

Here are my couple of deals for this week!

Rubbermaid bowls 3.29
Rubbermaid dish 1.92 - 1.00MQ wyb2=.92
2 Rubbermaid divider dishes 1.92=3.84-1.00mq=2.84/1.42each
2 Rubbermaid bowls 1.92 -1.00MQ=2.84/1.42each
4 Hubert Lemonade 1.79=7.16 -[2]bogo mq 3.58-[2].75Mq=2.08/.52e
2 Flintstones vitamins 60ct 5.24=10.48 -[2]2.00TQ= 6.48-2.00mq=4.48-1.00Mq=3.48/1.74e
4 Prego sauces 2.69 BOGO= 5.38-[2].75MQ=3.88/.97
1 Snyders Pretzels 3.00
4 Carefree pantyliners 1.29=5.16-[4]1.00PQ=1.16-[4].50MQ=-.84MM
8 Publix low sodium tomato sauce 2.00
1 Better than Boullion [great stuff really] 5.49
4 Acai chocolate berry drink 1.99=7.96-[2]Bogo=3.98-[2]free=0.00 free :D
1 Dr Pepper 3.34-1.00TQ=2.34 [filler]
2 Kikkoman low sodium soy sauce 2.49=4.98-[1]bogo=2.49-1.00MQ=1.49/.75each
3 Kikkoman low sodium soy 1.39=4.17-[3]1.00mq=1.17/.39e
1 organic banana 2.74
2 salad [supposed to be bogo will go back for difference] 3.99-[2].55mq=2.89/1.45e
2 Jenny O Turkey burgers 8.59 [needed these to get over 100]
4 Smart Balance spread bogo 3.59=7.18-[2]1.00mq=5.18/1.30e
1 Cat Litter 2.69

other coupons 20.00 PQ wyb $100
10.00 wyb $100 competitor coupon
Total with tax $27.02
Savings with coupons $111.75 81% Savings!!!!!
coupons tendered $72.09

How did you do this week? I must say I tried that Acai berry drink tonight and it is killer! I put it in the freezer for a bit and it was super yummy! On a weird note I am not sure why I bought the Preggo. I don't use this as I make my own. Not sure if other family members will use it, but felt inclined to buy it to get over the $100 mark. I think it worked out to save $30. Thanks for taking the time to come on over. Ya'll take care now!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Publix week buys 1/4

Today is bittersweet. I did all my deals in one day to just get out of the house. Sometimes as a parent/wife idle mind is not a blistful thing. So today my dearies I did shop. My personal best...probably not, but it was fun. To me saving any amount is fun! Did I need 6 boxes of cheez-its nopededope, but we will stockpile these sweeties for another time :D

So today trip is as follows:

6 boxes cheez-its bogo 4.19=12.54- [2]b2g1 [up to 2.50]5.00=7.54/1.26 box

1 coffeemate dry creamer 4.99 -.55mq=4.44 [going to make some homemade cocoa check it out!]

2 lifesavers mints 3.29 bogo -[2]1.00mq=1.29/.65 each

5 Mur Glen organic tomato paste 1.09= 5.45 -[3].75MQ -[2].85MQ=1.55/.31 each

2 Silk organic soy milk 2.39= 4.78-[2]1.00mq=2.78/1.39 each

1 mentos gum 1.00-.55mq= .45

1 mentos up gum 1.09-1.00mq=.09

2 Nesquik [for the cocoa nomnom] 3.99=7.98 -[2].60MQ=6.78/3.39 [not so great, but will save a buttload on cocoa packets!]

6 tgi friday bogo 3.99=11.97-5.00TQ=6.97/1.62 each

4 kraft cheese bogo 3.99=7.98 -[2].50MQ=6.98/1.75

Dairy items are so steep lately! But more cheese for homemade pizzas!

-$5 competitor coupon

Total 33.87

Coupons tendered 25.25

Savings 67%  68.09

How was your savings at Publix this week? Did you find any great clearance finds?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wholefoods 12/30 Killer Trip!

I meant to update this some time ago, life is just hectic let me tell ya! So here are my deals from Wholefoods. Thanks to all those who give there time to match prices it is very helpful! [Krazy Koupon Lady website]


8 Food Should Taste Good [and they do!] chips Bogo 2.99=11.96- [8]1.00MQ=3.96/.50each!

5 Indiana popcorn 3.00=15.00 -[5]1.00WFQ - [5]1.00MQ=5.00/1.00each

2 San-J soy sauce 2.79=5.58-[2]WFQ .55=4.48/2.24 [Not what I intend to spend, but this shows we all make mistakes :S]

4 Cedar Hummus .99=3.98-[4].75MQ=.98/.25each [AMAZING!]

1 Rice Eggnog [wasn't marked down :(] 2.79-1.00WFQ= 1.79

4 Rising Moon Organic Ravioli 3.50=14.00-[4]2.00MQ=6.00/1.50 each

2 Arrowhead Mills flour 3.00=6.00-[2]1.00WFQ-[2]1.00MQ=2.00/1.00each

Total 24.21

Coupons tendered 35.10

Savings 59% savings

Tell me all about your deals this week? I noticed most stores again vary from district area. I was elated with this trip. Chips are an arm and a leg, and my biggest downfall! If you find a deal on that ravioli you must try it, it is fabulous! We cooked up the feta/hazelnut last night with butter, sage, and a bit of breadcrumbs I kid you not FABULOUS!


Recyclebank 1/4

20 pts for taking Ziploc quiz.


Nothing new marked down that I saw. If you caught any post and let me know! Always looking for ways to pinch those pennies! Happy Day!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Trial and Error Canning part 1

Well, well, well. Here I go again trying to find more corners to cut on this daily mission to make ends meet. Canning. We purchased a pressure canner a bit ago, but I had yet to try it out. Truly I was nervous as a jitterbug! We have a bit of a garden and I just can't see to waste a thing. On top of that we have an amazing produce market that dundundun....has a mark down rack!!!! So I can find a bunch of beans for a buck, etc. So why not take advantage of the produce market finds when I find them right?!!?!?

I am not sure what is with my body, but sometimes I crave bean salad. Weird, but I adore it! It is hard to find wax beans here, and since I am getting more mature I have found my adoration for vegetables.

Here is the clincher. I need your help...I am sure I messed up somewhere this first time. I blanched the wax beans when I found them on sale and tossed them in the freezer. After a couple of weeks I found the rest of the fixings for this salad. After thawing out the wax beans they felt weird. Can you freeze beans like that? Do you have any tips for canning?

Any help is appreciated I adore to hear your comments!

Here is my first batch of bean salad [I think I added too much liquid too...], and a jar of pickles easy enough.

A bit of Christmas Cheer

Like many of us we have embraced Christmas as the true meaning. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS! It is our human nature regardless to enjoy the art of giving...yes things. Every year we try to surprise those we love with bits and pieces of gifts. May they be practical, sentimental, or just plain goofy we all adore gifts. Or the surprise of opening gifts.

That being said I told hubby that this year I would like only one thing. [since everyone was determined to gift something XD] Here is one of the gifts that my entire family chipped in for me which I ADORE! Since I love to cook on a daily basis this is sure handy!


Now hubby couldn't let laying dogs he took his first day off of the week Saturday and went out and about. I wasn't allowed in his shed all day. I say his shed because I will not go in there LOL. I figured he was making a book shelf for our little one for sure. So after all the gifts were opened and beginning to be enjoyed he called us all outside. Then he asked ME?!?!?! to open the shed. Should I really go in without bombing and starting over...I am still not sure lol. After a few minutes of being a dork and hiding behind the door I peered inside the shed to see what my brilliant hubby was making all day long.


Now I know what you are saying....A CHICKEN COOP? CHICKENS? Well yes indeed my darling hubby was making me a chicken coop. Why you ask? I have been on a mission for some time to go back to basics. I have been wanting to have fresh eggs for the longest. So the newest additions to our home Sol [American chicken], and Luna [Silkie chicken soooo cute!].


I hope that your holiday was blessed, and shared with immense amounts of love.