Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Outback save $5!

Long time no blog, what a week. My computer got surged, and with DH out of work it took longer than anticipated to get this computer up and running. Jesus was with me that day I tell you!

So today in my inbox was a great deal for Outback. We don't fare there much because of our budget, but a nice place to dine. Why not save some bucks! When you order online with the code OFFER at checkout it will give you a whooping $5 off!

More deals to come as computer was down, but the deals don't stop for rain, snow, sleet or broken computers! Happy day everyone! ☼

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Small Target trip unexpected....

Went to Target tonight to get mint cookies for a special ladies birthday! In the kitchen next week since we are making some mint truffles for her shhh don't tell ;). Since I wanted to start them bright and early and we were already out figured to kill a bird with two stones.

Animal crackers DH LOL 5.49
Fudge cookies 2.38
Market Pantry oreos 1.99
3 Organic ground beef [I still am raving over this one]4.12=12.36=[3]3.00Tq marked down=3.36/1.12e!!!!
.05 for byob[ag]
Total $13.17
Savings 60%!

BJ's Wholesale *SPLUGE ALERT* Savings over $200!!!!

Thanks to I heart Publix we learned about Zaycon foods coming into town. Seeing as we don't have a deep freezer [yet..], and I have been pining over a Foodsaver. Posted before I was on the fence about this, but then low and behold there was a coupon on Foodsavers on FB. The couponing Mama I am it spoke to me very evilly I might add.

After a trip to Walmart, Target, and a bit of online hunting I stopped in BJ's Wholesale because you can use coupons there. I heart this store I kid you not. So in Walmart another model was $80, or $149 for the upright version. After a bit of research on Walmart.com people said they just weren't good. I am not sure if it is the quality of Walmart products or what. Walmart and I have a love hate relationship prior... Anyhoooo back to Bj's Wholesale ♥. The Foodsaver was a G3 model for $134.99. Not only did it have a WHOLE roll [$11], gallon bags [$5], a qt canister[$5?], deli container?[$5], and lovely marinade container [$22] So ontop of saving ten bucks we got over $48 in extras.

1 Foodsaver G3 134.99-10.00mq=124.99
4 pk Foodsaver rolls 29.99-[2]2.00mq=25.99
2 pk yeast 4.49
1 Natures Made 200ct Calcium, Mag, Zinc vitamins 7.99-5.00mq-2.00bjq=  .99!!!!!

So overall savings is over $200. I just can't believe my luck. My wee bit of savings allowed me to splurge on this purchase, but still satisfy my need to save money with coupons.

Now onto the next....how do I use this thing?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Holy Pirates!

Hubby just called to tell me he was working on a special account today so he couldn't call me like usual. So he tells me that it was someone famous. Obviously I can't think of anyone in particular. He gave me a small clue...A PIRATE. So of course I know then. Since Mister Johnny Depp used to live in Miramar, FL!!! Since I am googly for him. he never ages!! Plus another clue he was in the Bahamas atm which I knew he had a house in the Bahamas [solar powered which seriously I thought of buying out there because it was 150k for a totally solar operational house.] Needless to saw I am a bit starstruck atm Johnny Depp [plus a couple years back I kid you not there was an amazing good look a like for Halloween....or was it really Johnny Depp?!!?!? I will never know.] Okay back to regular ungirly swoontime.

PS If it was really Johnny Depp at my door last Halloween we apologize about all the yelling aka swooning from the girls in the house.

BJ Wholesale save $12 on Perdue Chicken

Just received this email and it seems like a great deal that needed to be shared! Save $12 on Perdue wyb 4 item on the flyer

GoodWives Boneless Braised Beef Short Ribs wrapped in Applewood Bacon- 20 ct.
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spread- 2 ct.
Knorr Side Dishes- 8 pk.
Broccoli florets- 3 lbs.
Fresh Express Kit Parisienne Supreme- 16 oz.
La Espanola Seville Extra Virgin Olive Oil- 1 liter
Progresso Italian Bread Crumbs- 3 pk.
Sargento Shredded Cheese- 2 pk.
Chudleigh’s Apple Crumble Blossoms- 8 ct.
Wellsley Farms Boston Crème Cake
Thanks Consumer Queen for this info
It needs to be 4 different items. Pretty good deal if you have mq for the ICBINB. The broccoli florets are a good deal as well. This could work out if you have q's for the butter, cheese, and fresh express salad. Going to check more into this as I have to go to BJ's Wholesale today or tomorrow.

Small produce trip for the week

Just a wee trip this week. Decided to check out the markdown racks.

4 peppers 1.49
2 lbs dried bing cherries 2.00 WOWwie!
4 organic bananas .85

Total $4.34

Foodtown interesting experience....

Nothing like going into the kitchen looking over fresh ingredients and being inspired to cook. Fresh ingredients just make it better in my opinion! So when DH was in search for a new hobby [don't ask seriously they are a dime a dozen] I did a bit of research to find a spice he was looking for. Again don't ask...even I am fearful lol.
So we get to the store...I want to turn around because it smells absolutely horrid. We plug along being as nonjudgmental as possible. The first aisle was all chinese/japanese cooking ingredients! My eyes were now as big as half dollars, but I have never seen so many ethnic foods in less than a cubic foot! Needless to say I could have been there all day, but school bells ring and I must be there ;)

Will I be back there...you betcha! I was looking for tamarind paste everywhere for pad thai, and I finally found it! Wooohooo! So here is our small venture at Foodtown [they have so many ethnic foods I haven't touched a small amount Indian, Chinese, Japanese, different regions of Latin cultures, Island ethnic foods...really something to see.]RAMBLING! Off to the deals!
1 bunch Cilantro .33
1 Sweet Chili Sauce 2.99 [for 32oz!!!!] And it is amazing! We spend $4 a bottle for a small bottle at other stores!!!!
1 can/jar tamarind paste PRICELESS I mean 2.69
1 can coconut milk .99
1 jar Chili paste 4.99 [Now at Wholefood's the only place I can find chili paste it is almost $4 for a tiny jar so this is a steal! Taste will tell.]
1 package fresh Tumeric 1.49 [I don't know what I am going to do with this, but Tumeric is old world super spice!!! So good for you!]
1 pk thin rice noodles 1.99 [pad thai nomnomnom]
1 bag dried Anchos....[I got the wrong kind, but they will not go to waste!]2.49

Grand total of this awesome experience....$17.95
Savings.....at least 66% off grocer values.

Most are priceless because I just can't find them, and would have had to buy them online. Do you have shops like this in your town? What spice/food inspires you to cook?

Albertson's B1G3 WOWwie! 3-6 66% Savings

First off I rarely go to Albertson's. It is just tooooo far away for us. So it has to be a stellar deal to get me to run up that way. So I looked over the ad, and low and behold it was Hormel pork tips B1G3!!! Even though I am getting that massive 40lb of chicken this weekend....I couldn't pass it up! So here goes the Albertson's trip for this week. :D

12 bags of Cheetos [insane I know some are given away trust me!] 2.48=29.76 -[6]1.50mq=20.76/1.73
[towards mega sale items for $15 off 30 items]
4 Hormel pork tips B1G3 19.58-[3]1.00mq=16.58/ 4.15e
3 Calidad Tortilla chips [not pictured given away ;)]1.49=4.47 [now 15 for mega sale]
2 Bluebell ice cream 4.49=9.98-[2]1.00mq=7.98/3.49e [part of mega sale 17]
1 Hormel marked down bacon 1.99
1 Watermelon 1.31
11 Toothbrushes .89=9.79 [part of mega sale now 28]
2 boston baked beans DH 1.29=2.28
1 lettuce 1.00
2 bleach 1.49=2.98 [now 30 for mega sale]

$15 off 30 items mega sale
Total $57.74
Savings $110.02  66%

Did I do good...still out for the verdict. The mega sale wasn't what I thought it was be. The price in ad was a bit misleading. If I would have known...I think I would have worked the deal a bit differently to save more bucks. The pork tips were an amazing price without a shadow of a doubt and that was half of the budget almost!

[TOMATOES were on the markdown rack at the produce market 1.00] How did you do this week?

Publix 75% Savings 3-3 OJ OvErLoad!

Not to much to fetch my fancy last week at Publix, but regardless some deals to be made!

2 Publix milk 3.65-[2]freebies wyb three breakfast items= 0.00 FREE
5 Coffeemate creamer 1.67=8.35-[2]1.00mq-[3].55mq= 4.70/.94e
2 Country Crock 2.69 bogo -[2]1.00MQ= .67/.34e
2 Klondike bars [splurge]4.49 bogo [no coupon]
6 Tropicana Orange Juice 3.00=18.00 -[2]1.00PQ -[3]1.00MQ= 13.00/2.16e
2 Steam In Bag .99=1.98 [no coupon]
2 Stouffer's  dinners 3.99= 7.98-[2]2.00mq=3.98/1.99e
2 Bird's Eye Voila meals 5.49 bogo -[2]1.85mq=1.79/.90e

other coupons
$5 off $50 PQ
$5 off Doris competitor coupon

Total w/tax $23.04
Savings $70.60 75%

Hope your savings went well this week! Link up!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

CVS 95% Savings 3-3

Not to much this week for us at CVS. But hey almost free toothpaste sounds good to me!

2 Colgate Pro Relief 4.99=9.98-8.00ECB-[2].75MQ=.48/.24e

Savings of 95% wonderful! used $7ecb from last week, and have those $8 for next week[well this week ;)]

In the Kitchen this Week-- Homemade Hoagie rolls

For whatever reason I have been craving a BLT like nobodies business. Our usual route is buying hoagie rolls at Aldi's for $1.99. Since we have been making bread I just have a problem spending money on bread anymore. So I took this recipe I modified and made these hoagie rolls.

4 c flour [unbleached wheat/bread mix is what I used.]
2 eggs
1 c warm water
2 1/4 tsp yeast
1/4 c oil [canola]
pinch of salt
1/2 c sugar

Pretty sure that is all of it. Sometimes I add flax seed, etc to dress it up. After a few minutes in the bread machine and fifteen minutes or so of kneading it was separated in six pieces for a good sized hoagie roll. After about 1.5hrs of rising stuck them in the oven at 350 [convection] for fifteen minutes. Again it may vary for your oven. Let me tell you they were delicious! Not only were they hearty, but they tasted better than the Aldi's hoagie rolls. That and the cost was surely under the $1.99 cost. Next on the mission for the month....hot dog, hamburger buns!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Any Breadmakers?

On the quest to find a decent priced unbleached flour I think I finally found one. I have yet to try it [until it gets here!]for our loaf bread [Portuguese sweet bread]. After we all do the taste test I will go onto making hot dog and hamburger buns. That is my mission for the month. So for a 50lb bag it was $47.60! Don't get me wrong I have seen King Arthur flour at Walmart, but I wanted more grain style. So this is interesting seven grain flour it has wheat, brown rice, corn, rye, oat, barley, and millet. While I am not over the moon about the corn [too many documentaries about corn for my liking.] Haven't heard of this company, but willing to give it a try!

Anyone else bake their own bread? What flour do you use? Are you interested in organic/unbleached flour? What is your take on it? Look forward to hearing from you!


Nothing like freebies.

Auntie Anne's Free Pretzel Day!
[They always smell great in the mall don't they?!!?]

Have a fabulous weekend!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Amazon Warehouse Deals

Found some interesting goodies today. Last week someone posted Suregel fruit pectin. It is about six dollars in publix for a two pk. This is a four pk for $7.45.


SheSaved posted this great one tonight Snyder's 12pk pretzels for $16.83
Snyder Pretzel 12pk

Was trying to find a nice kitchen scale and this one was awesome looking. 3 scales for $8.24

Ghirardelli Chocolate 6pk amazing deal at $1.46e

Jumbo cupcake cups for .91 a 24ct. Amazing deal for those bakers like we are!

Awesome deal on tomato sauce .31 a can! I can get this one sale, but there is usually a limit. We use this by the bushels!

Publix 90% Savings Leap Day!

Didn't see too much at Publix the last few weeks [plus everyone was sick lol] to make me run out. So this is a short trip that was worth my while! The cashier was a bit unfriendly telling me I couldn't use coupons in the express lane. Meh, I apologized [since all the lines were long at the time], but I am wondering if I should contact the store. Usually I don't make a stink about small stuff, but a family member said that a cashier shouldn't have a right to say that to you especially since we all know that her information was untrue. Regardless I will probably just forgetaboutit, and be happy on the sunny side with the savings!

9 Kraft Fresh takes [one isn't present I gave it away lol]2.00=18.00-[7]1.00mq-[2].75mq-[5]PQ 2.00= -.50
1 Philly chocolate cream cheese 2.00-1.00MQ [use previous coupon on 2 above]=1.00
2 Classico pesto 2.99 bogo

Total 3.49
Savings 32.39 90%

Small, but couldn't pass it up. I have a feeling I will try a couple, and give some away to family as well. If I don't like the combo I can break up the packages and use them separately ;)

How was your Publix trip this week?

Share your trips below!

From the Kitchen this Week

Seeing as we have been living in the doctor's office lately I decided to give up some thanks. The doctor, and his staff have been phenominal. Really no words to express my gratitude for all they have done for our family. So when I get weepy I have a tendeceny to follow it up in the kitchen. That is just what I did. I found a killer recipe for Cinnabon rolls, and went to work.

They take a bit of time, but hey what I did was made a double batch [one for the office, one for home] then stuck ours in the freezer. In the bread machine I let it mix well, then I went to work rolling away.

After a bit of rolling I added the butter, sugar, cinnamon, fresh nutmeg, and pumpkin pie spice. Nothing like pumpkin pie spice I am wacky for it! After it was in a pretty roll, then cut it up [about 14-16 rolls I got, but they said 12 per recipe].

After baking at 400 for 10-12 mins tada

Made an icing for it that was killer. You can find the recipe here.

What awesome goodies came from your kitchen this week?!?!?

Aldi's for $20

How I manage not to go to Aldi's is astonding. The factor that I mainly go there for milk alone and walk out spending twenty bucks should surprise me especially with the crew in tow! Here is how we did last week.

20 oranges 2.49e=4.98
2 cheese puffs .99e=1.98
2 soda .59e=1.18
1 syrup 1.59 [it was $3 at Publix/Walmart yikes!]
2 pretzels 1.29e=2.58
3 cream cheese 1.19e=3.57
1 dz eggs .74 [hope this egg deal stays for awhile!]
2 g milk 2.89=5.78
1 pk baby bellas .79!!!

Total 20.78
Savings 46%+ compared to stores around here.

S. FLoridians this week Sedano's has milk on sale for less than Aldi's! It is a limit of one, but I have a feeling I am going to make my oldest, and DH stand in line lol.

Produce Market Making it FRESh

Yep living at the produce market. Fresh eats are a must! No great coupons, but all in all good veggies, and fruits nothing wrong with that!

Green beans 1.26
5 Granny Smith apples 2.47
7 Plantains 1.00
1 Red cabbage 1.07
1 Green cabbage .98
1 Serano pepper .30
2 HUGE green peppers .74

Total 7.82


Such a lovely word I can't emphasize enough! Well here is a bit of the freebies for the month. Pizza which was VERY appreciated, samples, and coupons. Gotta love that! Sadly the house has been sick and that pizza really came in handy. More deals to come! What lovely freebies did you get this month?