Sunday, November 27, 2011

Charging for FREE coupons?

Today as I printed my coupons from a page popped up for me to try the new savings club. As an avid couponer myself this was very annoying to me. Well first off I don't buy coupons other than in the local paper.  I read, reread going over coupons with a fine tooth comb. So I do the right thing with my coupons. To misuse them will only mean a loss for all couponers. So to see they are charging for coupons bothers me. Will this spring off a bunch of other sites that charge for free coupons? We are in a tough world as it is where everyone seems to nickel and dime everyone....this just irks me to no end.

So if you have seen this what is your take on it? Do you sign onto this service?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Color Me Fire Engine Red

Well the day started out great I must proclaim. It was a relaxing experience! I can't believe how a chain of events could make me feel so postal! Any couponer knows if you are right sometimes you must go to a higher authority. It all started last night.....

After all the dinner was done, kiddos in bed I made my way back to dear ole CVS. Since the sale starts at 12:00 on Thanksgiving I figured I had a head start. Got to CVS again at 11pm. To my shocking surprise the shelves of BLACK FRIDAY items were barren. My luck the gents that were so aloof last night were there for a repeat performance. I asked the cashier what happened to all the Black Friday items that were on sale. Again I should have known..."What are you speaking of ma'am?" So I go over the prior night of events. I CALMLY discuss exactly what both cashier and manager told  me last night. The manager comes back over to say oh that started at 10am. I then of moral body tell him then what was the 12 midnight that he told me the night before. Without another word HE WALKED AWAY!!!!! The gall I seriously bound my hands because I was thinking of boxing his lying ears!

The next events are shocking...even against my moral/judgment. Please be advised this is not my normal behavior and I don't do things this spiteful or malicious. Remember I warned you.

I walked around with my basket to calm my frayed nerves. I loaded the basket full of items, and left the store.

I know, I know I have worked in retail. I know what a pain in the royal keister it is to have people stick items here and there. To make matters worse I headed out to another 24hr CVS. I only then noticed I didn't have my coupons. So I drove back to the prior CVS the basket still in the middle of the aisle right smack dab with my coupons. So I hustled from the confines of my rage back over to the other CVS.

By this time it is 1230pm. I am tired, frustrated, guilt ridden, and my blood pressure must have been well over two hundred. I walk into the other CVS and the cashier greets me with a friendly hello. This leaves me with an over the moon feeling. So I figure I could ask her a question we are friend now. I hold up my Black Friday ad, and ask her when it starts. The friendly gloves flew off as she rose her voice and told me to look at the date on the paper. Once again I feel sick. I abhor confrontation! At this point I just forget it. I need to get home by 2am since DH needs to head out to work. I grab all the things I can find and try to redo all my transactions. [I don't know about you guys, but I am not good with making new transactions. I always mess up my flawless plans! How about you all? Any suggestions?]

Once at the register I figure to give this convo thing another try. I finish one transaction and she looks tired. I can understand that for sure. Other people come up, and I let them go I have 3 transactions total, and there are a million and one ECB. That leaves her with a smile saying that is fair. So after the 3rd transaction we chat a bit more. The woman has worked 9 days straight, it has been busy, and she has a double work load. Before exiting I smile wearily and wish that she gets a break soon, and give my thanks.

No matter how awful a situation is you just never know what is going on with the person behind the counter. Give what you get. Regardless I will be calling CVS tomorrow while it is fresh. Those two men are going down Emmie style.

On my first crapola black friday sale

1 Hallie Berry Orchid perfume 19.99

1 Heidi Klume Shine Bogo wyb other set 0.00 -5.00MQ= -5.00

6 Revlon Nail polish 29.94 -24.00ECB= 5.94/.99each

2 king reese's 1.98 -1.98ecb = 0.00

1 balance bar 1.69 -1.69= 0.00

1 CVS flosser 1.99 -1.99= 0.00

8 Ferraro candies bogo 11.96 -[8].50MQ=7.96/1.00box

1 Fiber one brownie 3.99-3.99ecb=0.00 [1].75MQ= -.75MM

1 Finish dishwasher tabs 2.99-2.99ecb= 0.00 -[1]1.00MQ= -1.00MM

2 Gum Toothbrushes 2.99=5.98-5.98ecb= 0.00

1 Kleenex 1.50-1.50ECB= 0.00

2 Colgate toothpaste 2.87= 5.74 -5.74ECB -[2]1.00MQ= -2.00MM

1 Cepracol 4.99-4.99ECB -[1]1.50= -1.50MM

1 Carmex lip balm 1.00-1.00ECB- [1]1.00MQ= -1.00MM

2 Listerine pocket mints 2.99=5.98-5.98ECB- [1].50MQ= -.50MM

1 cvs batteries 3.65-3.65ECB= 0.00

4 mars candies .75=3.00-3.00ECB= 0.00

Total oop $27.77

Value $151

Savings 82%

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday Bloopers

Well if you don't know me personally know this....I am scatterbrained. I tend to do things first then wonder why the heck I am doing them. So I cleaned, and cooked for the last couple days. Now I am just hyped up to go to CVS, and Bed Bath and Beyond for some Black Friday goodies.

That is when the buck stopped. I got my list, transactions, coupons, put the kiddos to bed, kissed them good night, donned on my favorite sneakers [a girls gotta be comfy right!] and ran out the door to hit CVS at 11pm to beat the midnight rush. Figured I would get all my goodies in the basket, and 12:01pm be in line. Good plan right! WRONG! I should have noticed the store was virtually dead. Note one forgotten. Got a basket, calmed my nerves, and went aisle to aisle organizing as I went. I got to the fragrances and asked the gentleman [that I finally noticed was around!] about if those were the ones on sale. That look of perplexity should be what I will call clue #2! He had no idea of the sale. Nice right. So he calls the manager. After awhile he shows up outta no where with the same look as man #1. Comically. So he says *clears throat* "Ma'am the sale is tomorrow night at midnight." All these clues and I add "It is Thanksgiving." LOL no hope so I put all the goodies away.

Well most of it. I hid some just in case ;) Bad I know, but hey I found some lovely nail polish colors that are must haves!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families. To my family...I am blessed for you everyday. We might fight tomorrow, but I know how glad I am for you all. How much joy, happiness, and caring you bring to my life.

Short trip to conclude my Thanksgiving shopping

First on all this experiment has been a fabulous one. I started this venture with my past Thanksgiving trips under my belt. Usually over $300-$400 for one meal alone. So will I cut the cost drastically as expected? Let's let the numbers be the judge.

First off. This is a holiday that God has shown his mercy. I know that might be cheesy, but things are hard this year. Everyone is in the same boat I know it. Well as I posted before my Father was getting this lovely natural organic turkeys wholesale. I planned to pay that amount [even though he is stubborn and probably wouldn't take it!!!] So he shows up with the most gorgeous birds I have ever seen! 3 glorious turkey breast one was the size of a small child I kid you not! Well I am father goes on to tell me the man charged him a whopping FREE! Can you believe how the grace of god works when you really need it? Needless to say after a long day fighting with my teenager I was almost in a fit of tears. I never doubt he is listening....I am just ever so blessed when he knows.

Now that I have shared that story off to the numbers!


2 Publix shopping trips [from prior post] $89.95

1 produce trip that I totally forgot to post! $18.00

Todays small shopping trip

Publix eggs 1.05

2 Alexia rolls bogo 3.69 -[2]1.00mq=1.69/.85each

4 Rodele Cheese bogo 4.59 = 9.18 -[2]2.50MQ- [2]1.00MQ=2.18/.55each

Total w/tax 4.92

So DRUMROLL please.....

Outstanding totals for thanksgiving dinner is.......................................................................................................................................................................



28% savings from prior years.

Of course this shopping trips were not only for thanksgiving but a bit more of household items! Still as yet I am extremely happy with this years budget. I did better than my budget of $150! Wooohooo!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Giving Thanks

Since this fine tradition began we feel the need to stuff our faces with excessive amounts of turkey, potatoes, and pie. To think to actually not spend over $400 for a one day holiday just is uncanny! Well this is my first year of couponing and I figured why not go for the gusto and save BIG. Well I gave myself a budget, and a mindset not to go hog-wild [which of course I do!!!] Luckily Dad found organic free raged turkeys! So hey the big part of my budget is now gone. BTW THANKS DAD!

Since I am a perfectionist by nature, and a bit eccentric it has to be perfect right! Every year I set myself up for this perfect scenario, and I fall face first into a mound of mashed potatoes. It never fails. I bake the pies fresh, and do most things from scratch. To be honest there is only so much room in my kitchen four burners and two stove racks. This year is my first year doing things a bit differently. I bought two pies [don’t faint], and instead of all fresh veggies I found those lovely steam packed veggies at 50% at Publix. Now I feel relaxed and this year I will enjoy it instead of biting off more than I can chew….I think?

Here we go. This is my first two shopping trips for Thanksgiving. Mind you most of the deals I post are both for home use, and Thanksgiving.

6 boxes of Kashi cereal 17.94-[6]2.00MQ=5.94/.99 box!!!!
2 Hershey Bliss [so nomnom] 3.99 BOGO- 1.00mq=2.99/1.50bag
4 Nestle chocolate chips [for holidays!] 6.30/1.57 bag
1 Dixie napkins 2.79
1 pumpkin pie spice 1.59
1 Dixie plate 2.00 - 1.00MQ [wyb napkins] -1.00TQ= 0.00
2 ziplock snack bags 4.38 - 1.00MQ=3.38
4 stove top stuffing 3.58/.90 box
2 swiss miss hot chocolate 2.49-.50MQ-.50TQ=1.49/.75 box
1 better than base amazing stuff worth the extra money 4.49
1 better than base turkey marked down 3.37
2 instant potatoes [um yuck but I couldn’t not buy it…] 1.33 -1.00MQ=.33/.17each
2 panko breadcrumbs 4.00-2.00BOGOMQ -.75=1.25/.63each
-5.00 competitor q

Total w/tax 34.48
Savings 52.64 60% savings!

  More Thanksgiving run today. Another next week to try and save a bit here and there!

7 assorted Steamfresh spinach 50% off 9.10-[2]1.00MQ wyb3=7.10/1.01each
1 egg nog 3.00
4 sargento shredded cheese 3.99BOGO=7.98-[4].55MQ=5.78/1.45each :D

2 Cranberry sauce 1.98-1.00MQ=.98

6 cream cheese 7.50 - [3].50TQ - [2]1.25MQ= 3.50/.58each
2 Cool whip 1.95bogo
1 reddi whip 2.00
2 I can’t believe it’s not butter 3.69BOGO -[2]1.00MQ=1.69
[plus a $2mq on bread wyb ICBINB]
2 Rondele spread 4.59 BOGO -[2]1.00MQ=2.59/1.30each
2 sour cream 2.89bogo -1.00MQ=1.89/.95each
2 pasta 1.59
2 triscuits 3.59
1 glory greens 2.09-2.09MQ= 0.00
2 evaporated milk 1.47-.50MQ=.97/.49each
4 v8 smootie 3.99bogo=7.98 -[4]1.00MQ=3.98/1.00each
8 v8 fushion 3.99bogo=15.96 -[4]1.00MQ=11.96/1.50each
1 2lb brown sugar 2.55 -.55PQ- .50MQ=1.50
10 publix soda .89bogo =4.45
2 pepsi soda 1.89bogo
2 7up 2.00-.50TQ=1.50/.75each
2 wonder bread 2.59 bogo -2.00mq wyb icing= .59
$3 publix coupon wys $30
$5 competitor coupon wys $50
 Total w/tax $55.47
Savings of $118.13
68% savings!!!
Total savings from coupons alone $35.84!
Next stop….produce market…

Thanks for all the positive feedback! I am rusty, but getting back into the swing of things!

So far for these two trips [both Thanksgiving and household ]


Total savings of 74% [$260.68]

Feel free to comment or ask questions. Have a blessed day!

A Fresh Start

We all have been here. A place where we see the light, but you just can’t reach it. You know you have people that count on you and that you are a survivor. You can do this! So you put your brain to work, research everything readily available to you…and then something happens. A bit of magic if you will. By the grace of God you find that you can turn your $600 budget to less than $400 a month. That my friends is change in the right direction.

This isn’t extreme couponing folks…this is real life. Some months I will spend less than $300, some months I splurge if I can. So lets share these positive struggles together.