Thursday, January 5, 2012

Publix week buys 1/4

Today is bittersweet. I did all my deals in one day to just get out of the house. Sometimes as a parent/wife idle mind is not a blistful thing. So today my dearies I did shop. My personal best...probably not, but it was fun. To me saving any amount is fun! Did I need 6 boxes of cheez-its nopededope, but we will stockpile these sweeties for another time :D

So today trip is as follows:

6 boxes cheez-its bogo 4.19=12.54- [2]b2g1 [up to 2.50]5.00=7.54/1.26 box

1 coffeemate dry creamer 4.99 -.55mq=4.44 [going to make some homemade cocoa check it out!]

2 lifesavers mints 3.29 bogo -[2]1.00mq=1.29/.65 each

5 Mur Glen organic tomato paste 1.09= 5.45 -[3].75MQ -[2].85MQ=1.55/.31 each

2 Silk organic soy milk 2.39= 4.78-[2]1.00mq=2.78/1.39 each

1 mentos gum 1.00-.55mq= .45

1 mentos up gum 1.09-1.00mq=.09

2 Nesquik [for the cocoa nomnom] 3.99=7.98 -[2].60MQ=6.78/3.39 [not so great, but will save a buttload on cocoa packets!]

6 tgi friday bogo 3.99=11.97-5.00TQ=6.97/1.62 each

4 kraft cheese bogo 3.99=7.98 -[2].50MQ=6.98/1.75

Dairy items are so steep lately! But more cheese for homemade pizzas!

-$5 competitor coupon

Total 33.87

Coupons tendered 25.25

Savings 67%  68.09

How was your savings at Publix this week? Did you find any great clearance finds?

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