Monday, September 10, 2012

BJ Wholesale Club 60 day PASS

Another great freebie. 60 day free pass to BJ's and they take coupons! Nothing to sneeze about with this deal.
Click photo to print your free pass.

Have a BLESSED day!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Free music anyone? Any country music fans? Some of the most popular music for FREE yep freebies!!!!

Kix Brooks “New To This Town (Feat. Joe Walsh)”
Easton Corbin “Lovin’ You Is Fun”
David Nail “Half Mile Hill”
Jerrod Niemann “Shinin’ On Me”
Steel Magnolia “Maybe I’m Amazed”
Bucky Covington “Drinking Side Of Country”
The Mavericks “Born To Be Blue”
The Farm “Home Sweet Home”
Miss Willie Brown “You’re All That Matters To Me”
Jon Pardi “Missin’ You Crazy”

Follow the directions on HERE and your free music will be on its way.

A great find @ Couponing to Disney thank you!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Pardon the Dust

Think all the bugs are worked out so WELCOME! Added a bit of inspiration to the page, and feeling bright and spruced up. Now have tons to update.

Kiddos started school so it has in fact been a zoo. We have been lucky enough to be close to the school to walk, but these past few weeks have been challenging as we are car riders. Now it is busy you working Mom's I give you TONS of credit. I honestly forget how I once did it. Now with one at band practice 3-4 times a week, and this car pooling thing, housework, cooking, etc it is like woahhhh. Regardless always find time to coupon lol.

On a positive note cleaned out my coupons since we didn't have any last week. Now I just need to make goals to get myself as organized as my coupons are lol. Had an extra expenditure this month as our washer let go. We went back and forth to buy the part or to buy a new one. Let me say after looking a bit for new ones [they are $600-$1200 OUCH] I wondered if I paid this much a long time ago for this front end loader. Yikes. So after a week with no washing machine, the part was $200 for a life time warranty. So we opted for the part, and we learned quite a bit fixing it truly we did. I implore you if you have a failing washer, dryer go online do some research there are so many people that like to help. God bless them!!! After we did our research there are only less than 10 things that you can actually replace [serious issues] for a washer. So thank the good lord we saved a bit on that number.

On another note, my bread making experiment was a bust. I am not sure if it is the humidity, but that lovely recipe Alison gave me didn't raise right. Going to give it another try, and try some other recipes as well there is something about Egg Bread that I adore lol.

Since we had that extra expenditure I didn't save as much as I wanted this month, but hey could be worse. So grateful each and everyday. Bless you and yours!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oh Sweet Gardening ♫ ☼ ♪

Come October the ground is good here [zone 10] for gardening. Since we don't have acreage we tend to have a good size garden, but not monstrous. Honestly I like change, and last year we had a raised bed with cement blocks we found [someone was throwing them away!!!] So this year after much research [I'm such a dork.] we came to the conclusion [DH & I] to have a bucket garden. For the herbs a garden from a rain gutter, and the rest in the previous raised beds.

Since I am a cheapo I didn't want to go out to Home Depot/Lowe's, etc and purchase those buckets. So today was bulk pickup in our area. Since I didn't want to get to wacko and waste $20 in fuel we stayed pretty close to home. Low and behold by the grace of God we found 3 paint buckets [5 gal], and 2 other buckets of random size. I wanted to start with 10 buckets of a garden, but for now this is certainly going to do! WONDERFUL! On top of the previous ideas I didn't want to buy those tomato cages. We usually stake them with random shimmies of wood. Again I think I have adult ADD seriously so my mind was going and found some pallets in the bulk pickup. Let me again proclaim...I am not proud I will pick threw bulk pickup.

So far gardening supply cost:

Bone Meal $6
Blood Meal $6
Liquid Kelp $10
Fish emusion [still had some leftover it last forever, but smells horrid]
Seeds [organic heirloom]from ebay $12
Gutter & supplies $10
Buckets FREE
Pallets FREE 
Soil FREE [going to get manure from a farm nearby]

Total cost so far [still need a bit more seeds] $34
Probably will be over $50 when we are done, but liquid kelp last forever very big expense, but soooo worth it for organic gardening in my opinion.

Seeds are my own expense. We have heirloom from last year that we will plant, but I was soooo dying for Cherokee Purple Tomatoes. Gorgeous trust me.

Any ideas or input on seeds nowadays. I think it is worth it to buy an heirloom seed. With all the hoekie business with that "M" company we want seeds to last more than one cycle. Are you planning a garden this year? Any ideas on a small garden how to use all space in the most creative ways?