Saturday, June 30, 2012


Blessings from our house to yours this holiday! Simple this holiday as it is the first year we haven't bought a mass array of fireworks. Actually it is really an independence in itself not to spend that much money to blow up!

This cute craft found in my email from AllYou magazine. Used scrapbook paper, tape, an old Christmas wreath backing, recycled a Cheerio box, a piece of wire, small piece of blue ribbon, and some red & white curling ribbon.

How are you spending your holiday? Do you have any crafts, desserts you care to share?

Publix 6/30 72% Savings woohooo

Getting ready for family days, and living on a budget can be tricky, but not if you have your trusty coupons! Went to Publix today with an idea, but came out $4 under my original estimate. Not to shabby!

So here we go!

10 bottles of pop 4.45
12 ears of corn 3.00
1 box of sparklers 2.00
3 boxes snaps 3.00
2 Chinet 72ct plates 6.39 BOGO-[2]1.00TQ-[2].55mq=3.29/1.15e
3 Skinny Cow chocolates 4.29=12.87-[1]free-[1]bogofree-[1]1.50=2.79/.93e
2 mayo 5.29 BOGO-[2]1.50PQ=2.29/1.15e
2 Sargento sliced cheese 5.00-[2]1.00PQ-[2].55MQ=1.90/.80e
2 cake mix 1.89 :((=3.78
4 Kraft cheese 2.00=8.00-[2]1.00PQ-[2]1.00MQ=4.00/1.00e
9 Jello .99=8.91-[3]1.00PQ-[2]B2G1 TQ=3.93/.44e
2 Capt Crunch cereal 4.89 BOGO-1.00=3.89/1.95e
2 Quaker bars 2.99 BOGO-1.00MQ=1.99/1.00e
6 deli hot dog 3.50=21.00-[4]1.00mq=17.00/2.83e
4 Mueller pasta 1.59 BOGO=3.18-[2].55=2.08/.52
3 dz eggs 1.59=4.77

coupons not disclosed
$10 off $100
[2]$5 off $50 Doris competitor coupon

Total 42.77
Savings 72% $110.43

Not to shabby. Still need to dig up a couple more things for the 4th, but almost there! Got more cereal too for the hungry kiddos! How did you do this week?

MQ-Manufacturer coupon
TQ-Target coupon
PQ=Publix coupon
BOGO=buy one get one free

CVS 6-30 64% Savings

Short and sweet since we needed cereal. These kiddos eat cereal like they drink WATER!

4 Fruity Pebbles 2.00=8.00-[4].55mq=5.80/1.45e
4 Combo's 2.59 BOGO=5.18 -[2]1.25mq=2.68/.67e

Spent 8.48
savings 64%

MQ-= Manufacturer coupon

Gino's Italian Market 6-23

Well hello dear friends! First off this purchase was for a Groupon that I could actually use! It was a $10 for $20 gift certificate to Gino's Italian Market. Because I haven't used Groupon in a time they gave me a $3 credit. NICEEEEE!

Since I haven't been shopping in a bit this was to get a bit of meat to fill the freezer. They had a special deal for $29.99. The deal consist of:
5 lb chicken quarters [which I separated the legs/thighs]
2 lb ground beef
2 lbs hot Italian sausage
2 lbs breaded Chicken breast
3 lbs beef roast
3 Italian bread.

the other certificate
5 lbs boneless chicken
1 lb Boar's Head Muenster cheese
1 lb BH American cheese
1 lb BH Ham
this order after certificate was $3

Total after w/cost of gift certificates was 29.99
Savings 61% or $46

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Laundry Soap Experiment ---- Conclusion

Gone awhile...thought I abandoned the coupon crusade? NOPE NEVER! Ironically our stockpile was very helpful during a good time of struggle. Since DH has been out of work for medical reasons for half the year that has put both blessing, and time for need with that stockpile! Since April I have indeed shopped, but only for milk, and produce. We have spent very little in the grocery stores since couponing. So what a blessing!

Just an update on the Laundry soap experiment back in February.
Just a recap. We spent approx. $8.88. We started with the 1 tsp, but honestly it just wasn't enough for me. I went up to 2 tsp and it worked much better for us. Up until this very moment I thought I spent twenty bucks, but eight dollars!

So totals please!!!!

$8.88/4 months
$2.22 a month
I am honestly not sure how much laundry I do, but we are a family of 4. I suppose it is 10-20 loads a week. For us compared to our previous Tide purchases of the ever growing $20 this is a great way to save!

**the orange peels were a great idea, but they burned out the coffee grinder. I am not sure of another way to NATURALLY scent the soap. Sooo the next batch I am going to dry lavender, and gardenia pedals, and see how that works.

Now that our last box of cereal is gone from Target [mind you I have given some away as well....I know wow.] So back to couponing. I confess that even with couponing the last weekend we spent less than $200 just to fill the house again. Being a bit rusty I forgot to photograph my sale this week.

spent $48
savings $115

spent $27?

Produce market

spent 15
savings 20

spent 24
savings 30

spent $38
savings ? lost my receipt.

Well this is getting back into the groove of things. Have some older experiments that we forgot to put up. Hope you are all well, and the light is shinning within you. Bless you and yours.