Friday, August 3, 2012

Publix GreAt week to SAVE! 8/1 80%savings

Being on a budget is so hard. There are times when I sit and thank the Lord above for coupons, and the ability to save just when I need it! Thank you Jesus for your LOVE!

Publix had some great buys this week and the ziplocs were my friend haha. Hopefully this will last for half the school year maybe?

4 Pepsi next 1.34=5.36-[2]hangtag bogo-[4].55MQ=.49/.13e WOWWW
2 Kraft bbq 1.85 BOGO -.50MQ=1.35/.68e
2 Velvetta mac n cheese 2.79 BOGO -[2]1.00 wyb bbq peelies=.79/.40e
4 Stayfree 3.49=13.96-[4]2.00-[4]1.00TQ=1.96/.49e YAY
.5lb publix ham 2.25-2.00PQ wyb 3ziploc=.25
2 wraps 3.19 BOGO-[2]1.00=1.19*.60e [didn't have the Pretzel in yet so they took it]
1 lipton green tea clearance 1.20-.50MQ=.70 taste great too!
16 ziploc 1.50=24.00-[8]1.00MQ -[8]1.00PQ=8.00/.50e woohoo!
7 Softsoap 7.00-[7].50 peelie=3.50/.50e
4 bic pens 2.00-[2]1.00mq=0.00
1 Pantene styler 3.49-free PQ wyb 2 Pantene products=0.00
6 Frosted Flakes 2.50=15.00-[2]1.00TQ-[2]1.00MQ=11.00/1.83, but FREE MILK!
2 Pantene 3.49=6.98-3.00MQ=3.98/1.99e
2g milk 3.55=7.10-[2]3.00 peelie wyb 3 kellog's=1.10/.55e
4lb hickory Publix turkey 6.19BOGO=12.38-[4]2.00 wyb 3ziploc=4.38/1.10lb
2 champions yogurt 2.50=5.00-[2]1.00tQ-[2]1.00mq=1.00/.50e

The chocolate yogurt was not really to our liking, but the orange yogurt nomnom good stuff!

other coupons [2]Doris 5/$50
Total before coupons &deals=$181.82
Total after coupons $36.46
Savings 80% $145.36

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