Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wholefoods 12/30 Killer Trip!

I meant to update this some time ago, life is just hectic let me tell ya! So here are my deals from Wholefoods. Thanks to all those who give there time to match prices it is very helpful! [Krazy Koupon Lady website]


8 Food Should Taste Good [and they do!] chips Bogo 2.99=11.96- [8]1.00MQ=3.96/.50each!

5 Indiana popcorn 3.00=15.00 -[5]1.00WFQ - [5]1.00MQ=5.00/1.00each

2 San-J soy sauce 2.79=5.58-[2]WFQ .55=4.48/2.24 [Not what I intend to spend, but this shows we all make mistakes :S]

4 Cedar Hummus .99=3.98-[4].75MQ=.98/.25each [AMAZING!]

1 Rice Eggnog [wasn't marked down :(] 2.79-1.00WFQ= 1.79

4 Rising Moon Organic Ravioli 3.50=14.00-[4]2.00MQ=6.00/1.50 each

2 Arrowhead Mills flour 3.00=6.00-[2]1.00WFQ-[2]1.00MQ=2.00/1.00each

Total 24.21

Coupons tendered 35.10

Savings 59% savings

Tell me all about your deals this week? I noticed most stores again vary from district area. I was elated with this trip. Chips are an arm and a leg, and my biggest downfall! If you find a deal on that ravioli you must try it, it is fabulous! We cooked up the feta/hazelnut last night with butter, sage, and a bit of breadcrumbs I kid you not FABULOUS!



  1. Well that brand is fabulous! They taste like sesame seeds! You know I adore chips serious downfall in my department.