Monday, August 13, 2012

Sedano's 60% including MeAt!

Somehow I lost my receipt, but I remember everything round about so here goes!

10lbs Chicken leg quarters 7.99
4.5 Chicken thighs 4.45 [for sausage with above]
8 tomato sauce 1.00
2 bags dried beans 1.00
1lb pork lunchmeat 5.50
4lbs red potatoes .99
1 bottle vanilla 2.50
1 bottle almond extract 2.00
1 bx dried chipotle bouillon1.00
5lbs frozen yuca 3.99
2lbs green grapes 3.00
bananas 1.00
cilantro .50
sweet potatoes 1.00
HUGE 18lbs beef for roast beef 29.99

total cost before savings $113+
total after sales savings $68
60% savings

Instead of paying $8-10lb a pound for roast beef I cooked this up and sliced it thin for sandwiches. Rest for stew, etc.

Used the 15lbs chicken, cilantro, jalapenos, spices to make ground chicken meat. nomnomnom so good.

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