Friday, January 20, 2012

Ham O' Glorious Ham Aldi's trip 1-16-2012

I can't tell you the feeling of euphoria when a deal is well done.

2 g milk 2.69=5.38

2L soda .59=1.18

2 Pretzel 1.29=1.58

2 chili cheese fritos 1.19=2.38

2 chocolate raisins 1.06=2.12

1 garlic .99

2 diced tomatoes .59=1.18

1 Cantaloupe 1.59

2 cans diced clams 1.19=2.38

1 cauliflower .99

1 32oz ketchup 1.19

1 tortilla 1.19

2 lbs powder sugar 1.49

1 dz eggs 1.39

Now to the grand finale:

9.61lb shank ham 5.44

9.99lb shank ham 5.89

Now I will say this because I almost bought turkey bacon, but for this price I decided to buy another ham and throw it in the freezer. My freezer is the norm, but daily I am thinking of getting a deep freeze, but I have NO WHERE to put it! I am still giddy over the ham price was .50lb!!!!

Total with tax: 39.05

Aldi's makes for awesome savings on milk alone as it is over $1 more at Publix, etc. Chips always are well over $2/$3. I am a chip nut so that is my hips downfall.


  1. That ham was a really great deal!! How did it taste?! I would have put my honey and brown sugar all over the top of it and let it marinate overnight! Mmmmmmm Good!!

  2. The ham was FABULOUSO!!!! I put brown sugar, mustard, cloves, garlic, and apple juice. I had an apple ready to turn and chopped it up and put it on there too and based it till it was in the land of happy. I have the other one in the freezer, and there have been lots of eggs, ham for a special guy ;). I still have more too mercy. I forgot all about it. I think I will have to try that brown sugar in honey, but you love that super sweet stuff woman! Going to put me in a sugar coma XDXDXD