Monday, January 16, 2012

Tiny Publix trip 1-16-12

This was one of those darned if you do darned if you don't trips. I didn't need or find anything that bowled me over in this ad other than the ACTIVIA! I love that stuff! I had a $10 off $50 that was burning a whole in my pocket. So I figured if nothing else I would get some canning jars. I should have stuck with that though in the end. :(


2 Weight Watchers muffins 3.69 bogo [2]1.00mq=1.69/.80each

1 Purina One [bad purchase I am still kicking myself over this one] 5.00 no q's

4 Activia [insert giddiness] 2.00each -[2]2.00TQ - [4]1.00MQ = FREEEE

2 Corndogs 3.49- .75MQ on box =2.74/1.37each

1 Hefty trash bags [kicks self] 7.59-1.00mq=6.59

2 eggbeaters 1.67=3.34 -[2]1.00=1.34/.67each

2 pint jars 18.38

Okay I am always realistic. This was not a great job this week. I ran out of trash bags, and cat food. Could I have found a better deal and got more jars yes. Am I kicking myself mercy yes. The corndogs were all because my youngest was begging me for them. Processed food=disgusting, but kids love it *sigh*


On with the show. Totals


$5 competitor q on $50

Total with tax $22.50

coupons tendered $28.75

savings 62% $42.06


  1. More canning in the future?!! It can be fun, but tricky for some things! Hey maybe you should try and can some chicken just like that guy on youtube!! :)

  2. A YEAR LATER and my dogs will eat it. LOLOLOLOL I have more beans so going to do those up. Also I need to get bigger jars that Publix only had the pints which don't do us a bit of good. :S