Monday, August 13, 2012

Target Lessons Learned....8/8

This is a lesson to all check your receipts! I haven't been to Target in some time, but they changed things a bit, and check the coupons before your order. That was fine with me, but the prices on the receipt didn't reflect the sign tags that I saw in the store. It was almost $20 alone in things with different prices or just errors on the cashiers part. [I asked her to check a price for me because a sign said .85, but it rang up 2.79! So she never backed out that part of the order...oopsie!]

Regardless some great deals to be had!

1 binder 3.44
2 pks [8 pair] socks 5.00=10.00-[2]3.00 off Merona=4.00/2.00e pk
4 rolls tape .49=1.96-[2].50TQ -[4].25MQ= -.04MM
2 piece bathing suit 14.96-[2]3.00tq= 8.96
1 M &M snack mix 2.48-2.48MQ wyb M&M candy=0.00
3 subject notebook 3.00
1 pk highlighters 1.00
1 ruler .97
2 Tresemme 2.11= 4.22-[2]1.00tq=2.22/1.11e
4 Fructis 2.79-[3]1.00TQ-[2]2.79MQ=2.58/.65e WOOOHOOO
6 Markers .49=2.94 -[2]1.00MQ=.94/.31e
6 Color Pencils 2.94 -[2]1.00MQ=.94/.31e
4 Glue stick .25= 1.00
1 M&M 2.66
1 black tank top 5.00-3.00TQ=2.00
1 floral tank top 4.00-3.00TQ=1.00
1 Charmin wipes 2.99- 2.99MQ wyb Charmin= 0.00
4 Zyrtec 5.29=21.16-[4]4.00MQ=5.16/1.29e
2 potato skins 2.00-1.00MQ=1.00/.50e
2 Charmin 24pk 12.99=25.98-[2].50TQ -1.00MQ-5.00TGC=18.98/.40 roll

Just noticed she rang up something else to the tune of 2.79 for more post its I didn't buy. UGH really need to pay more attention. 

Total coocoo trip to Target $74.97 [72.18 if I caught the other oopsie...UGH]
Total savings $79.31 52%

Not my greatest trip, but needed toilet paper and this will last a GOOD while. Also found some nice clothing deals, and school supplies. The shampoo made my day really love that brand. Next time more attention on the receipt and or ring up. How did you do this week share below? Happy day!

Jesus loves you!


  1. My cousin got some stuff at Target and it rang up differently then the tag and she went back to get her money back. They looked at her funny when she went in there and they said that it was only $2. I told her they weren't onoes to talk because it was her $2 :) My mom got Chai and it was $0.49 overcharged and we didn't see until we get home. My biggest rule is to step aside and read the receipt... super hard when you have a kid in the cart but so worthwhile :) Great point to make!! Also, a great trip!!!

  2. Alison I get it! Even $2 is still her $2 of savings! I did honestly look at it at the store, but still missed that $2.79. Oh well just have to think more on my toes next time. Seriously it is computer issues with the prices, but I am a firm believer in any savings is money in your pocket! Take good care Alison!