Monday, July 30, 2012

Homemade Chicken Basil Sundried Tomato Sausage

On the extreme ways to save more and more money with the evergrowing cost of well everything I decided to make some sausage for the first time. Since we found chicken on sale for $1.69lb boneless skinless I figured to try to make the sausage we buy at the Italian market. At the market it is $3.99lb sadly. With hubby's high blood pressure the salt content is a serious determining factor.

After grinding the chicken, we added a bunch of basil [some from the reserve we had in the freezer, and half of another bunch say $1. for the basil.] The sundried tomatoes were from a jar I canned up in October. [.50]. Taste , and savings were the most important. The taste was okay...flavors were excellent, but needed a bit more fat content as it was pretty dry. So cost for about 22lb of sausage is as follows:

Chicken $28.42
Basil $1.00
Sundried tomato .50
Casing $4.00
misc spices .50
Total for 22lbs of sausage: $34.42/ $1.56lb

Since the flavor was amazing I will certainly do this again. The butcher at the market was fabulous so I will grab some more chicken fat, or mix in a bit of thigh since that is even cheaper.


Tried to make a couple different sausages, but the fat is so important, and I think my seasonings are just not enough. Anyone ever made homemade hot dogs? These just tasted like hamburger in casing to us. OHHH and don't use pork picnic to make any sort of sausage it is terrible and clogs up my grinder like nobodies business!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Who says School Shopping has to BREAK the bank?

With my admiration towards clothes this year I decided to leave my debit card at home, and only take an alotted amount of cash. So with a hundred in my pocket an ad, and store coupons I went with high hopes of saving BiG!

Down south we have outlet stores here and there so JCPenny's outlet had a great deal on shoes, etc. Since this year one will be in uniform I couldn't buy her things here. Since we are on a lean budget I decided that they only needed a couple new pieces to rotate a bit with the new stuff.

First thing is my basket was full. I knew I couldn't afford all of it, but I needed to evaluate what i was going to buy.

At JcPenny's we bought:

5 bras @ 2.99e=14.95
4 bras @ 3.99=15.96
1 pair of Adidas sneakers 34.99-15.00=19.99
2 pair of basketball shorts @5.99+ 7.99=13.98
1 tee shirt 2.99
25% one -2.00
total with tax $68 and change

Off to walmart hubby needed sunglass they broke today *sigh* 13.00
Dinner & ice cream $10
3 drinks & snack $4.05

So out of my hundred I had left $3!!!

I wanted to buy a couple of things since my niece was here, but I couldn't. So much that I WANTED but didn't NEED.
Still as yet I need to buy another pair of shoes for my oldest that wears a size 15 men's SOOOO hard to find! Other than little school supplies, and the uniforms we are moving in the right direction!

Have a BLESSED week!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Fresh Start to Making Ends Meet: Couponing Question?

A Fresh Start to Making Ends Meet: Couponing Question?: Happy Saturday folks. This is just a mild observation. Anyone notice lately that the coupon inserts are  chintzy   ? Don't get me wrong I a...

Couponing Question?

Happy Saturday folks. This is just a mild observation. Anyone notice lately that the coupon inserts are  chintzy ? Don't get me wrong I am grateful for coupons and how they help our lives, but curious if anyone else has noticed that coupons are getting meager and the savings amounts diminutive. The last couple of weeks our paper has had one insert, this week is two inserts, and the coupons are things our family would hardly buy. 

Especially lately since we are getting back to basics, and many things we honestly buy at the produce store, or wholesale markets. Anyone else noticed this or have any suggestions on other resources to help on the savings?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Experiment..Poke Cake

Hello fellow savers! These next few weeks will stay away from the store trying to save some bucks. If there is a deal I can't help please forgive me and take my coupons lol.

This cake turned out much better than I expected, and I WILL be making it again. It was so moist, flavorful, and I am not a cake person..ask anyone who knows me! The colors were phenomenal! It balanced out the nice day we had yesterday. Thanks to my family who played games with us till 5am *cough*, my Dad for all the work he did with dinner, my darling hubby for staying late/early even though he wanted to be home hours before, my kiddos for rocking, and Jazzipoo for helping me with the dishes!

How was your 4th? Hope it was a safe one!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July cake experiment.

Happy official fourth of July! This was a concept from a poke cake inspired by my sister, and Taste of Home. Since I have never done a cake like this I decided to go with the look of a firework. Using a small spoon I saturated the cake with the colors. Will post the end result after we cut it haha.

Have a blessed day, stay safe!