Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Trial and Error Canning part 1

Well, well, well. Here I go again trying to find more corners to cut on this daily mission to make ends meet. Canning. We purchased a pressure canner a bit ago, but I had yet to try it out. Truly I was nervous as a jitterbug! We have a bit of a garden and I just can't see to waste a thing. On top of that we have an amazing produce market that dundundun....has a mark down rack!!!! So I can find a bunch of beans for a buck, etc. So why not take advantage of the produce market finds when I find them right?!!?!?

I am not sure what is with my body, but sometimes I crave bean salad. Weird, but I adore it! It is hard to find wax beans here, and since I am getting more mature I have found my adoration for vegetables.

Here is the clincher. I need your help...I am sure I messed up somewhere this first time. I blanched the wax beans when I found them on sale and tossed them in the freezer. After a couple of weeks I found the rest of the fixings for this salad. After thawing out the wax beans they felt weird. Can you freeze beans like that? Do you have any tips for canning?

Any help is appreciated I adore to hear your comments!

Here is my first batch of bean salad [I think I added too much liquid too...], and a jar of pickles easy enough.


  1. This website might help you with freezing beans:


    And you actually might want to add a bit more liquid. There are many great websites out there that can help you out.

  2. Thanks Tiffany! I am going to check this out for sure! Do you can yourself? What do you can?

    Add a bit more liquid I wasn't sure it looked like a lot there, but again I'm a noob so this is helpful!

  3. Well, curious...have you tried them yet??!!

  4. No I am nervous to try them is that bad LOL. I made some marinated tomato & basil today. Going to can up some more beans. Will crack them open next bbq and make everyone guinea pigs lol.