Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A bit of Christmas Cheer

Like many of us we have embraced Christmas as the true meaning. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS! It is our human nature regardless to enjoy the art of giving...yes things. Every year we try to surprise those we love with bits and pieces of gifts. May they be practical, sentimental, or just plain goofy we all adore gifts. Or the surprise of opening gifts.

That being said I told hubby that this year I would like only one thing. [since everyone was determined to gift something XD] Here is one of the gifts that my entire family chipped in for me which I ADORE! Since I love to cook on a daily basis this is sure handy!


Now hubby couldn't let laying dogs lie...so he took his first day off of the week Saturday and went out and about. I wasn't allowed in his shed all day. I say his shed because I will not go in there LOL. I figured he was making a book shelf for our little one for sure. So after all the gifts were opened and beginning to be enjoyed he called us all outside. Then he asked ME?!?!?! to open the shed. Should I really go in without bombing and starting over...I am still not sure lol. After a few minutes of being a dork and hiding behind the door I peered inside the shed to see what my brilliant hubby was making all day long.


Now I know what you are saying....A CHICKEN COOP? CHICKENS? Well yes indeed my darling hubby was making me a chicken coop. Why you ask? I have been on a mission for some time to go back to basics. I have been wanting to have fresh eggs for the longest. So the newest additions to our home Sol [American chicken], and Luna [Silkie chicken soooo cute!].


I hope that your holiday was blessed, and shared with immense amounts of love.

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