Thursday, January 12, 2012

Publix haul 1-11-12

Checked my receipt after the fact so will be heading back for some of the differences.

Here are my couple of deals for this week!

Rubbermaid bowls 3.29
Rubbermaid dish 1.92 - 1.00MQ wyb2=.92
2 Rubbermaid divider dishes 1.92=3.84-1.00mq=2.84/1.42each
2 Rubbermaid bowls 1.92 -1.00MQ=2.84/1.42each
4 Hubert Lemonade 1.79=7.16 -[2]bogo mq 3.58-[2].75Mq=2.08/.52e
2 Flintstones vitamins 60ct 5.24=10.48 -[2]2.00TQ= 6.48-2.00mq=4.48-1.00Mq=3.48/1.74e
4 Prego sauces 2.69 BOGO= 5.38-[2].75MQ=3.88/.97
1 Snyders Pretzels 3.00
4 Carefree pantyliners 1.29=5.16-[4]1.00PQ=1.16-[4].50MQ=-.84MM
8 Publix low sodium tomato sauce 2.00
1 Better than Boullion [great stuff really] 5.49
4 Acai chocolate berry drink 1.99=7.96-[2]Bogo=3.98-[2]free=0.00 free :D
1 Dr Pepper 3.34-1.00TQ=2.34 [filler]
2 Kikkoman low sodium soy sauce 2.49=4.98-[1]bogo=2.49-1.00MQ=1.49/.75each
3 Kikkoman low sodium soy 1.39=4.17-[3]1.00mq=1.17/.39e
1 organic banana 2.74
2 salad [supposed to be bogo will go back for difference] 3.99-[2].55mq=2.89/1.45e
2 Jenny O Turkey burgers 8.59 [needed these to get over 100]
4 Smart Balance spread bogo 3.59=7.18-[2]1.00mq=5.18/1.30e
1 Cat Litter 2.69

other coupons 20.00 PQ wyb $100
10.00 wyb $100 competitor coupon
Total with tax $27.02
Savings with coupons $111.75 81% Savings!!!!!
coupons tendered $72.09

How did you do this week? I must say I tried that Acai berry drink tonight and it is killer! I put it in the freezer for a bit and it was super yummy! On a weird note I am not sure why I bought the Preggo. I don't use this as I make my own. Not sure if other family members will use it, but felt inclined to buy it to get over the $100 mark. I think it worked out to save $30. Thanks for taking the time to come on over. Ya'll take care now!


  1. WOW!! Awesome savings!! You did good!! :)

  2. I know I love when I do that! You getting any good coupons out of those envelopes I send? Make me a list silly!