Thursday, January 12, 2012

Whole Foods 1-12-12

A big Happy Birthday to my friend D. A small trip to Whole Foods this week.

7 Nasoya Tofu 2.69 -[7]1.25 WFQ -[7].75MQ=4.83/.69each

2 Celestial Wellness Tea 3.00=6.00-[2]2.00WFQ -[2]1.00MQ=2.00/1.00

Total $6.83

coupons tendered =$18.00

savings 78% $24.83

Now the clincher. Does anyone have great tofu recipes? On my mission to save money I want to make us a bit more healthy. So this is a step in the right direction. Have a fabulous day now!


  1. Yuck!! :) You can keep that deal!! Tofurkey, I am telling year!!

  2. LOLOLOL I am cooking for you nice big ole soybean curd! Nomnomnomnom you crack me up I swear.