Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In the Kitchen this Week 2/8

Hope this reaches you and yours for a fabulouso week! We are having a better week, and lo and behold I have been in the kitchen. My second favorite place no doubt! A wonderful friend of mine gave me some lemons, yes those are indeed lemons! I have never seen lemons bigger than my hand before so of course my mind was reeling with uses for these big beauties. Since I have been on an orange kick lately. [Too many researches on healthy eating I think LOL] With the 10lbs of oranges from our Aldi's trip last week 
I used five oranges. Yep just five oranges, one of those pretty lemons [too much I found out later], 3.5lbs sugar, water, six mason jars later we it orange marmalade. Now since I am a beginner at this canning stuff sometimes our kitchen is like a testing zone. After I tasted my supposed perfect jam I notice that huge lemon made the jam pucker your lips up like a pucker fish. So another 1.5lbs sugar, and more water I adjusted this once botched jam. I added the rinds because the flavor is out of this world.

The lesson I took with me is don't use monster lemons in your jam, and taste, taste, taste...which is my fatal flaw when cooking. Today we had our marmalade on toast and it was tasty! What is going on in your kitchen this week? Any pointers for a canning newbie?

Oh also canned a lovely tomato chutney if you will it is just very different concoction that my DH adores. Well off and away...the kitchen is calling. ;)

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