Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sedano's lots of goodies for their 50 yr Anniversary!

Lost my receipt so I estimated the total was $60 so that was about right. Most of the beans, grains were for the homemade chicken feed we make. This will last a ton longer, and we are trying to stay away from corn items. [they are in everything though!]

Potatoes 1.50
Pork shoulder 5.82
3 dz eggs 1.50
10 lbs Apples 5.50
3 lb plums 5.56
1 bunch cilantro .25
3 lb brown sugar 3.00
2 barley 2.62
3 lentils 2.37
2 yellow split pea 1.78
1 pk bulgar wheat 3.69
1 lb butter 2.50
2 g milk 5.00
8 cans tomato sauce 2.00
1 can coconut milk .99
1 pk flaxseed 2.50
Assorted lunch meat 13.00

Total 59.58

Pretty good for use the lunch meat quality wasn't great so we will use it for stromboli later. Butter was a great price, but not sure if Sedano's takes coupons. Great prices on lots of goodies and that pork shoulder price was phenomenal!

Target 3/22 Peanut Butter Galore! $$

To be honest that day was a day of savings for peanut butter. Not only did I stockpile till the end of this year lol, but we can help the rest of our family too!

1 Reese cup 1.24
1 reese pieces 1.00
1 french's mustard 1.24 [hot sauce]
4 everything bagels 1.37=5.48
5 natural Target brand peanut butter 1.22=6.10-[2].50TQ=5.10/1.02e
3 Target brand peanut butter 1.18=3.54-[3].50=2.04/.68

Total 16.10
Savings 67%

The .50 off was a catalina that kept printing with each peanut butter purchase gotta ♥ that!

Produce Market finds 3-21

After looking for a great hot sauce recipe I decided to hit the produce market to see if they had anything on the markdown rack to fit my fancy.

3 Broccoli Rabe 3.00
2 pk organic sweet potatoes 2.00
4 eggplant 5.20
3 ears of corn .99
1 pk jalapenos 1.00
14 habaneros peppers 1.29
1 pk turnips 1.00
1 pk sweet peppers 1.00
Total 15.48

Publix Olay MIR buys 107% Savings

Publix worked great with the MIR {mail in rebate] link REBATE FORM .

4 Olay Bodywash 6.99= 27.96 -[4]free bodywash wyb cleanser 6.99= 0.00 FREE
2 Olay foaming face wash 4.99=9.98-[2]2.00PQ -[2]3.00= -.02MM
1 Olay Daily Cleanser Age Defying 6.99
1 Olay Pore Scrub 6.99
misc coupons 5.00 off $50 Doris competitor coupon

Total w/tax 11.02
After MIR $3.98MM
Savings 107% wooohoooo

CVS Pricematch Killer Deal!

Softsoap bars were on sale for $3.50e and $5ecb wyb2. After searching high and low there was no Softsoap. Then I went up front to ask questions...I always forget about rainchecks! So the cashier said he would match the price for any soap. Without the idles of gidders I cautiously asked any soap...even Dove? As you can see the answer was yes. Low and behold they didn't have the same bar count so he said....any once again. That amazingly expensive over seven dollars each soap cost us $3.50. There was a man also looking at soap as well so after the cashier was gone stated hey he could get in this deal as well ;).

4 Dove [2 cards]3.50=14.00-[2]5.00ecb=4.00/1.00e

Total 4.00 after ecb
Savings PRICELESS 89%+/-

Publix 85% savings 3/13

Part of the lovely freebie of Kraft products. Actually those Freshtakes work great! I don't use it for intended purposes though lol. I made some meatloaf, and those breadcrumbs worked well, and pizza with the cheese so woohooo!

6 Kraft Milkbites 2.50= 15.00-[3]2.00PQ -[3].75MQ-[1]1.50= 5.25/.88e
1 Kraft Freshtakes 2.00 -1.00=1.00
1 Kraft cooking cream 2.00 -2.00 PQ wyb2 -1.00mq= -1.00 or [free for both ]
1 bag Publix steam in a bag .99
1 watermelon 3.66 -2.00PQ= 1.66
2 Sundown calcium 3.99=7.98-5.00PQ -3.00= -.02MM
2 Sundown B-6 3.59= 7.18-5.00PQ-3.00mq= -.82MM
1 head of cabbage .79
2 Welch's grape juice 3.45-[2]1.00mq=1.45/.73e
1 bag organic carrots 5.99-2.00PQ=3.99
1 strawberry 1.67
other coupons $5 off $50 Doris competitor q

Total 9.42
Savings 85%

Mint Truffles

Made these for a special someone's birthday! They were a HUGE hit! Now they were thinking on selling them lol. I doctored them from a recipe I forget where I found it even.

1 pk grasshopper cookies
2 pk andes chocolate mint chips
1/2 pk oreo [used target brand]
1 pk softened cream cheese

Crumble the cookies. I tried the processor and it just didn't do a great job lol. A hammer and zippy worked well! Mix grasshopper cookies and cream cheese. Roll into ball form, and let them chill in the fridge for a bit while you are melting cream cheese and pulverizing the oreos ;). Melt chips in microwave for seconds check them they burn easy. Dip the chilled cookie/cream cheese balls into melted chocolate. Roll in oreos. Chill again [a minute is good.]then repeat dipping into melted chocolate and rolling into cookie crumbs. We did this about 3 times to make it a nice texture. BEWARE....they are addictive and may cause intense happiness that will make a plastered smile on your face.

Target Awesome Cereal deals 3/10

See told ya I was busy even with computer issues! Today I will be up and posting all prior killer deals, or at least I think so! Wow last month almost Target had a great cereal deal and we eat a ton of it here!

9 Crunchy nut cereal 2.75= 24.75
11 Fiber one cereal 2.75= 30.25
[4]MQ 5.00= 35.00
[4]TQ 1.00= 31.00
[4] Target Gift cards 5.00= 11.00 for 20 boxes of cereal!!! .55each

1 Capri sun 2.07-1.00mq=1.07
1 pk pumpkin seeds 1.69
2 Planter's Peanut butter 3.64=7.28-[2]1.00mq=5.28/2.64e
2 Iam's cat food 3.00=6.00-[2]3.00mq= 0.00 FREE
4 Kreo Optimus Prime 7.99= 31.98-[4]8.00mq= -.02 MM

Total $19.02 !!!
Savings 96%

This was almost a month ago, but I never worked the numbers and this is amazing! Even after a month we are still nicely stockpiled with this cereal. With DH going back to work this is truly a blessing. Bless you and yours! Share your deals for this week or past weeks! [like me lol]