Saturday, January 28, 2012

Eggplant Burger

So while we watched a bit of Food Network we watched Best of Burgers. In the effort of getting everyone on the LESS MEAT track the eggplant burger seemed like the perfect idea! Eggplant, burger, I must be in heaven! After cubing the eggplant I sauteed it in a frying pan. In the food processor I grated the garlic while the eggplant was getting soft. After it was cooked down I added it to the processor with the garlic, cheddar cheese, and bread crumbs [the first batch I ever made!!] on pulse I looked for a thicker consistency.

First I tried the George Forman grill. That was a bust because of the grates. Do they have a griddle top for a George Forman? I went back to the frying pan and added a bit of canola oil. Since this was my first time doing anything like this I know next time I will make them a bit smaller. They were monsters! 3lbs of eggplant made 7 seriously monster burgers.

To top it off some strawberries were hitting their last leg, and we turned them into a refreshing strawberry vinaigrette for the spinach apple hazelnut salad my oldest concocted. It was fabulous I promise you! So here is the ending result of our eggplant burgers, with lovely salad. We will make them again as they are so tasty I kid you not. My oldest detest eggplant, but he choose the eggplant burger over the turkey burger! Shocker! Happy day enjoy the rest of your weekend with those you love!



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  2. Wow, Em!! That looks delish! I wish I liked all of those veggies, cuz I sure would have liked that! Maybe definately the salad w/o the tomato and the burger w/o the avacado!! I need you as my personal chef!! Fresh bread and veggies daily!! :)

  3. Sure you know I would love it too! Well the admiration for avocado is fairly recent, I never like avocado I think my taste buds changed! Tomato too as little chicka made me enjoy them all over again. The burger was amazing, and out of the 7 we made yesterday there is a lone burger left. Next time I will make them smaller though. They really were super easy! You could try it on a weekend. When I grow up and move closer we can make them together!