Friday, March 9, 2012

Holy Pirates!

Hubby just called to tell me he was working on a special account today so he couldn't call me like usual. So he tells me that it was someone famous. Obviously I can't think of anyone in particular. He gave me a small clue...A PIRATE. So of course I know then. Since Mister Johnny Depp used to live in Miramar, FL!!! Since I am googly for him. he never ages!! Plus another clue he was in the Bahamas atm which I knew he had a house in the Bahamas [solar powered which seriously I thought of buying out there because it was 150k for a totally solar operational house.] Needless to saw I am a bit starstruck atm Johnny Depp [plus a couple years back I kid you not there was an amazing good look a like for Halloween....or was it really Johnny Depp?!!?!? I will never know.] Okay back to regular ungirly swoontime.

PS If it was really Johnny Depp at my door last Halloween we apologize about all the yelling aka swooning from the girls in the house.

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