Friday, March 9, 2012

Albertson's B1G3 WOWwie! 3-6 66% Savings

First off I rarely go to Albertson's. It is just tooooo far away for us. So it has to be a stellar deal to get me to run up that way. So I looked over the ad, and low and behold it was Hormel pork tips B1G3!!! Even though I am getting that massive 40lb of chicken this weekend....I couldn't pass it up! So here goes the Albertson's trip for this week. :D

12 bags of Cheetos [insane I know some are given away trust me!] 2.48=29.76 -[6]1.50mq=20.76/1.73
[towards mega sale items for $15 off 30 items]
4 Hormel pork tips B1G3 19.58-[3]1.00mq=16.58/ 4.15e
3 Calidad Tortilla chips [not pictured given away ;)]1.49=4.47 [now 15 for mega sale]
2 Bluebell ice cream 4.49=9.98-[2]1.00mq=7.98/3.49e [part of mega sale 17]
1 Hormel marked down bacon 1.99
1 Watermelon 1.31
11 Toothbrushes .89=9.79 [part of mega sale now 28]
2 boston baked beans DH 1.29=2.28
1 lettuce 1.00
2 bleach 1.49=2.98 [now 30 for mega sale]

$15 off 30 items mega sale
Total $57.74
Savings $110.02  66%

Did I do good...still out for the verdict. The mega sale wasn't what I thought it was be. The price in ad was a bit misleading. If I would have known...I think I would have worked the deal a bit differently to save more bucks. The pork tips were an amazing price without a shadow of a doubt and that was half of the budget almost!

[TOMATOES were on the markdown rack at the produce market 1.00] How did you do this week?

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