Friday, March 2, 2012

Publix 90% Savings Leap Day!

Didn't see too much at Publix the last few weeks [plus everyone was sick lol] to make me run out. So this is a short trip that was worth my while! The cashier was a bit unfriendly telling me I couldn't use coupons in the express lane. Meh, I apologized [since all the lines were long at the time], but I am wondering if I should contact the store. Usually I don't make a stink about small stuff, but a family member said that a cashier shouldn't have a right to say that to you especially since we all know that her information was untrue. Regardless I will probably just forgetaboutit, and be happy on the sunny side with the savings!

9 Kraft Fresh takes [one isn't present I gave it away lol]2.00=18.00-[7]1.00mq-[2].75mq-[5]PQ 2.00= -.50
1 Philly chocolate cream cheese 2.00-1.00MQ [use previous coupon on 2 above]=1.00
2 Classico pesto 2.99 bogo

Total 3.49
Savings 32.39 90%

Small, but couldn't pass it up. I have a feeling I will try a couple, and give some away to family as well. If I don't like the combo I can break up the packages and use them separately ;)

How was your Publix trip this week?

Share your trips below!

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  1. Emmie, I wish I had known that Classico Pesto was BOGO! Score :)