Thursday, April 5, 2012

Target Awesome Cereal deals 3/10

See told ya I was busy even with computer issues! Today I will be up and posting all prior killer deals, or at least I think so! Wow last month almost Target had a great cereal deal and we eat a ton of it here!

9 Crunchy nut cereal 2.75= 24.75
11 Fiber one cereal 2.75= 30.25
[4]MQ 5.00= 35.00
[4]TQ 1.00= 31.00
[4] Target Gift cards 5.00= 11.00 for 20 boxes of cereal!!! .55each

1 Capri sun 2.07-1.00mq=1.07
1 pk pumpkin seeds 1.69
2 Planter's Peanut butter 3.64=7.28-[2]1.00mq=5.28/2.64e
2 Iam's cat food 3.00=6.00-[2]3.00mq= 0.00 FREE
4 Kreo Optimus Prime 7.99= 31.98-[4]8.00mq= -.02 MM

Total $19.02 !!!
Savings 96%

This was almost a month ago, but I never worked the numbers and this is amazing! Even after a month we are still nicely stockpiled with this cereal. With DH going back to work this is truly a blessing. Bless you and yours! Share your deals for this week or past weeks! [like me lol]

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