Thursday, April 5, 2012

CVS Pricematch Killer Deal!

Softsoap bars were on sale for $3.50e and $5ecb wyb2. After searching high and low there was no Softsoap. Then I went up front to ask questions...I always forget about rainchecks! So the cashier said he would match the price for any soap. Without the idles of gidders I cautiously asked any soap...even Dove? As you can see the answer was yes. Low and behold they didn't have the same bar count so he said....any once again. That amazingly expensive over seven dollars each soap cost us $3.50. There was a man also looking at soap as well so after the cashier was gone stated hey he could get in this deal as well ;).

4 Dove [2 cards]3.50=14.00-[2]5.00ecb=4.00/1.00e

Total 4.00 after ecb
Savings PRICELESS 89%+/-

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