Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mint Truffles

Made these for a special someone's birthday! They were a HUGE hit! Now they were thinking on selling them lol. I doctored them from a recipe I forget where I found it even.

1 pk grasshopper cookies
2 pk andes chocolate mint chips
1/2 pk oreo [used target brand]
1 pk softened cream cheese

Crumble the cookies. I tried the processor and it just didn't do a great job lol. A hammer and zippy worked well! Mix grasshopper cookies and cream cheese. Roll into ball form, and let them chill in the fridge for a bit while you are melting cream cheese and pulverizing the oreos ;). Melt chips in microwave for seconds check them they burn easy. Dip the chilled cookie/cream cheese balls into melted chocolate. Roll in oreos. Chill again [a minute is good.]then repeat dipping into melted chocolate and rolling into cookie crumbs. We did this about 3 times to make it a nice texture. BEWARE....they are addictive and may cause intense happiness that will make a plastered smile on your face.

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