Thursday, April 5, 2012

Target 3/22 Peanut Butter Galore! $$

To be honest that day was a day of savings for peanut butter. Not only did I stockpile till the end of this year lol, but we can help the rest of our family too!

1 Reese cup 1.24
1 reese pieces 1.00
1 french's mustard 1.24 [hot sauce]
4 everything bagels 1.37=5.48
5 natural Target brand peanut butter 1.22=6.10-[2].50TQ=5.10/1.02e
3 Target brand peanut butter 1.18=3.54-[3].50=2.04/.68

Total 16.10
Savings 67%

The .50 off was a catalina that kept printing with each peanut butter purchase gotta ♥ that!

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