Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sedano's lots of goodies for their 50 yr Anniversary!

Lost my receipt so I estimated the total was $60 so that was about right. Most of the beans, grains were for the homemade chicken feed we make. This will last a ton longer, and we are trying to stay away from corn items. [they are in everything though!]

Potatoes 1.50
Pork shoulder 5.82
3 dz eggs 1.50
10 lbs Apples 5.50
3 lb plums 5.56
1 bunch cilantro .25
3 lb brown sugar 3.00
2 barley 2.62
3 lentils 2.37
2 yellow split pea 1.78
1 pk bulgar wheat 3.69
1 lb butter 2.50
2 g milk 5.00
8 cans tomato sauce 2.00
1 can coconut milk .99
1 pk flaxseed 2.50
Assorted lunch meat 13.00

Total 59.58

Pretty good for use the lunch meat quality wasn't great so we will use it for stromboli later. Butter was a great price, but not sure if Sedano's takes coupons. Great prices on lots of goodies and that pork shoulder price was phenomenal!

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