Sunday, November 27, 2011

Charging for FREE coupons?

Today as I printed my coupons from a page popped up for me to try the new savings club. As an avid couponer myself this was very annoying to me. Well first off I don't buy coupons other than in the local paper.  I read, reread going over coupons with a fine tooth comb. So I do the right thing with my coupons. To misuse them will only mean a loss for all couponers. So to see they are charging for coupons bothers me. Will this spring off a bunch of other sites that charge for free coupons? We are in a tough world as it is where everyone seems to nickel and dime everyone....this just irks me to no end.

So if you have seen this what is your take on it? Do you sign onto this service?


  1. I agree, and the newspaper went up! I am like how am I supposed to save money with these upgrades everyday lol.