Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Fresh Start

We all have been here. A place where we see the light, but you just can’t reach it. You know you have people that count on you and that you are a survivor. You can do this! So you put your brain to work, research everything readily available to you…and then something happens. A bit of magic if you will. By the grace of God you find that you can turn your $600 budget to less than $400 a month. That my friends is change in the right direction.

This isn’t extreme couponing folks…this is real life. Some months I will spend less than $300, some months I splurge if I can. So lets share these positive struggles together.


  1. Girl u need to show me how u do these savings thing! Lol

  2. Izzzyyy *glomps* I read about your move congrats my dear! I will be glad to help you out! It is worth the effort trust me especially lately we have really needed it! Bug me about your move, and Noah does he love the new city? Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!!