Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday Bloopers

Well if you don't know me personally know this....I am scatterbrained. I tend to do things first then wonder why the heck I am doing them. So I cleaned, and cooked for the last couple days. Now I am just hyped up to go to CVS, and Bed Bath and Beyond for some Black Friday goodies.

That is when the buck stopped. I got my list, transactions, coupons, put the kiddos to bed, kissed them good night, donned on my favorite sneakers [a girls gotta be comfy right!] and ran out the door to hit CVS at 11pm to beat the midnight rush. Figured I would get all my goodies in the basket, and 12:01pm be in line. Good plan right! WRONG! I should have noticed the store was virtually dead. Note one forgotten. Got a basket, calmed my nerves, and went aisle to aisle organizing as I went. I got to the fragrances and asked the gentleman [that I finally noticed was around!] about if those were the ones on sale. That look of perplexity should be what I will call clue #2! He had no idea of the sale. Nice right. So he calls the manager. After awhile he shows up outta no where with the same look as man #1. Comically. So he says *clears throat* "Ma'am the sale is tomorrow night at midnight." All these clues and I add "It is Thanksgiving." LOL no hope so I put all the goodies away.

Well most of it. I hid some just in case ;) Bad I know, but hey I found some lovely nail polish colors that are must haves!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families. To my family...I am blessed for you everyday. We might fight tomorrow, but I know how glad I am for you all. How much joy, happiness, and caring you bring to my life.


  1. Em,
    That is hillarious!! I could just see you doing that! I hope that you went out at midnight tonight and got all of the stuff that you "hid"! I hope that the folks didn't get too upset with you with all of those transactions and coupons!!
    I missed having you around for Thanksgiving, but we talk all of the time, so you know that I love you and the family! Happy shopping, I hope that you saved BIG!!

  2. Caught you still awake!!! Yep you know me, but after the fiasco tonight I was about ready to toss in the towel! LOL no one got mad with me tonight! I let them go ahead of me! ROFL. I missed you too for Thanksgiving I really did. We dooooo and I love our talks! Awesome that my sisters [& Ray] are my best friends! I LOVE YOu!