Saturday, June 30, 2012


Blessings from our house to yours this holiday! Simple this holiday as it is the first year we haven't bought a mass array of fireworks. Actually it is really an independence in itself not to spend that much money to blow up!

This cute craft found in my email from AllYou magazine. Used scrapbook paper, tape, an old Christmas wreath backing, recycled a Cheerio box, a piece of wire, small piece of blue ribbon, and some red & white curling ribbon.

How are you spending your holiday? Do you have any crafts, desserts you care to share?


  1. Oh, love the new look of your blog! We bought some fireworks but we found a great deal with a daily local site so it's not going to break the bank for us this time around!

    1. Thanks Lena worked on it a bit last night. We usually buy a ton for the family because they feed us. We bring dishes, but this year we decided we would rather help with the food part, and buy the kiddos sparklers, and snaps. They like those best anyways! Well I hope your 4th is a safe one. How is your family today Lena?