Saturday, February 18, 2012

Experiment #2 Homemade Laundry Soap

Oh boy welcome back I was out most of the week with food poisoning! For Valentine's I got stone crabs for DH as a treat. Man I think I will stick to something else or another fish market because I don't appreciate spending most of the week in bed or *cough*potty*cough* So at long last I am trying out a recipe for homemade laundry soap that I found here. We are die hard Tide fans I won't lie on a budget you have to have some sorta vice, and laundry is mine. DH was allergic to some sort of laundry soap so Tide did the trick! Even with coupons the best I have seemed to get was $3.99. Which to me still isn't a good enough bargain. Sick I know I am getting a bit anal about cost lately. So I figured to do a cost experiment.

Here it goes!

5 Bars Fels-Naptha 1.19e=5.95
1/3 box washing soda 1.06
1/4 box Borax .87
I am going to get some lavender/rosemary to add to the mix 1.00
Grand total=$8.88 nice round number

Okay so as the recipe from the website you use 1T per load. I am going to experiment by letting the kids play in mud then let it dry and so forth to see how this works [will update as they are more than eager to help out with this brigade.]

So my breakdown if 1T is enough than this amount will make for 368 loads of wash. Equal to say 53 weeks in this house maybe less I just do it anymore and don't count lol. If this experiment is in fact on the money than this laundry soap will last a year, and in fact cost .02 a week on laundry soap. Sounds too good to be be the judge.

Results to come!

Update: Just for my baby sis I decided to go with an alternate scent profile. Since lavender isn't in season, and doesn't grow here I found a shop that I could get a plant for $3.99, but I think the alternate will fit my fancy better! Dundundun orange/rosemary! Famous oranges you never fail me! We all adore oranges, and I have been drying the peel to make fireplace goodies for my mum, but there will be more oranges!!! Using the food processor I took the oranges down to a chipped look, then to the coffee grinder and made it some grains. There is still water inside so I put it in the oven with some rosemary to get excess moisture out. My grand total will be less now to about $8.13 or so.


  1. Let me know how it works! I tried a few different recipes but our clothes still weren't as clean as we would love too. We are Tide fans here too!

    1. Well then you know how pricey it is! Tide is great, but honestly with our HE machine even DH clothes were coming out greasy. I have been using this for almost a week now, and with the homemade softener it smells great! The stains I have only tried on a small pair of curtains I made for our kitties litter box [LOL] it did a great job on those with ONLY 1T!!! So I will get the kiddos to mess up some play clothes so I can get a true idea of this experiment ;)