Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Have you Ever......?

Weird week this week. I have been keeping up on my coupons, the deals are there, but I have no inkling to go shopping! DH is still home till probably March, and I am trying to watch the bucks. We have a small stockpile. Nothing worthy of those "Extreme" shows which out of curiosity I watched once, but comfortable. DH is a hobbyist which is he love EVER hobby known to man. He has been pretty good, but lately I just feel like I am watching every dollar. It is kinda maddening, and makes me feel like I am losing it at times to watch every dollar like a bloodhound. Well Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours. I have a menu tonight to give everyone a bit of what they want. DH, crab legs because he is my "main squeeze", DS potato skins because he is my "sidekick", DD brownie cupcakes because she is a "sweetheart." I choose the veggie which I haven't done yet, but again those swirling dollars are giving me a headache lol. How has your week been? What are you doing for the grand ole Valentine's?

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