Friday, February 10, 2012

Produce Market LOVIN PRODUCe

Can't help myself I enjoy fresh ingredients. I am sure I spend most of my savings on fresh produce, but in my opinion it is a must!

4 Sweet Potatoes 3.32
1 Spaghetti Squash 1.69
3 corn 1.25
10 mini zucchini .43
1 lb Perciatelli .99
3 Parsnips/3 Turnips 1.35
1.55 lbs Brussel Sprouts 2.31
1 bunch Kale .87
1 bunch of Asparagus 1.00
3 peaches .23
5 garlic 1.00

 Total 14.44

I made some roasted veggies [they never go to waste here!] last night with many of these ingredients. What sort of veggies do you roast? Any recipes to share?


  1. Great selection! We always buy lots of fresh produce. I bet my grocery bill could be much smaller than it is but I love the fact that my kids get lots of nutrients they need from fresh fruit and vegetables!

    1. Absolutely Lena! I know fresh produce is my savings breaker lol. Thankfully they have a markdown rack, but sometimes hey it just doesn't work out that way I am happier with fresh ingredients. Our kiddos are happy I think with those fresh ingredients. Sadly my parents lived out of canned veggies I never learned how yummy it could be! Fresh is best! Thanks for the visit Lena!

    2. Your parents sound like mine! I don't think I ate a veggie that wasn't canned or deep fried until college! I love experimenting with new veggies and plan to try (again) to grow some of my own this year! Thanks for the link up! (My post has a linky, too!)

    3. Good luck on your garden Amanda! What are you planning to grow? We have Hawaiian sweet potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, basil, and sunflowers at the moment. We have some older seeds and they are being stubborn and don't want to grow lol. Let me tell you know the effort is really worth it to eat fresh products! As we know all to well the can [barforama] is not even close to the glorious fresh produce. Hope you drop on by again Amanda bless ya!