Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Bread Recipes?

We have been making the same bread for probably a year now[maybe longer]. The other day I pulled out the bread and it literally was falling apart. Not sure why there was so much moisture in the bread, but it toasted nicely so there was no waste.

On that note, do you know any great loaf bread recipes?

 I have been searching high and low for one that is frugal, but taste/freezes well. Most recipes I have found call for a STICK OF BUTTER a loaf. ...YIKES! Since fats are an important part of bread making I don't mind adding butter, but a stick of butter is just not budget conscious of me.

Can't wait to hear about your great recipes, and how they fair in your home. Bless you and yours.


  1. I have made a bunch of different bread recipes in search of the one that my husband would like for sandwiches (which in case you were wondering has to be soft and squishy like the store bought one). This recipe fits the bill and it is super yummy for toast, garlic bread ect so we always have a loaf in the house and the good news is that it stays nice and soft all week so it doesn't dry out like some other recipes do after a day or so. There is the regular recipe and one that I changed a little for the bread machine. Let me know what you think!!! I can't wait to hear if someone else loves it too :)

    Check out my blog link:

    1. Definitely going to try this! Soft and yummy is right up my alley hehe. Going to try this out as my next experiment and post the results. Thank you Alison!