Saturday, August 18, 2012

America's Best Contacts & Glasses?

Went to get eye exam for munchie to get contact lenses today. Never knew they offered things like this, but America's Best Contacts and Glasses has a plan for 5yrs of eye exams [2x a year] for $139!!!!

So anyone else try out this company before? America's Best Contacts and Glasses?


  1. Never heard of them before but sounds like a great plan. what is their coverage on glasses and contacts?

  2. Hiya Lena! This is info straight from the website.

    TWO pairs of eyeglasses for $69.95* including a FREE eye exam** offer
    Eyecare Club which offers three years of contact lens eye exams for only $99 plus discounts on contact lenses and eyeglasses; contact lenses as low as $12.49*** per box.
    Prescription lenses and upgrades at discounted rates which will always save you money compared to other stores for the same product.

    We opted for the Eyeglass club for 5yrs at a rate of $139. The eyeglass club entails.

    For $99, you receive:
    Three years of free exams* (up to two exams per year)
    Contact lens prices as low as $12.49 per box**
    10% off all replacement contact lenses
    10% off all eyeglasses including designer eyeglass frames
    10% off eyecare accessories
    …all that for just $99. Compare that for what you get for the cost of a single, regular contact lens exam and you can see why this club is so popular among our customers.

    The factor that my little one is growing those 2 free eye exams a year are helpful. Oh all the deals I have searched up this one was just spot on for what we needed. If it all works out as well as expected the rest of the crew will sign up for this eyeglass club.

    Take good care Lena!