Saturday, July 7, 2012

Couponing Question?

Happy Saturday folks. This is just a mild observation. Anyone notice lately that the coupon inserts are  chintzy ? Don't get me wrong I am grateful for coupons and how they help our lives, but curious if anyone else has noticed that coupons are getting meager and the savings amounts diminutive. The last couple of weeks our paper has had one insert, this week is two inserts, and the coupons are things our family would hardly buy. 

Especially lately since we are getting back to basics, and many things we honestly buy at the produce store, or wholesale markets. Anyone else noticed this or have any suggestions on other resources to help on the savings?


  1. I noticed it too! I was actually debating if I should even renew my newspaper subscription. I did for another 6 months but I hardly ever use any coupons lately. I don't think it's worth it! It's sad!

    1. Well a real find for us has been the Dollar Tree! I tried to get them to renew my subscription with 4 papers [for the bogos], but they refused! So on a fluke needed something on Sunday at the Dollar Tree and tada half off! Even with the paper half off it just doesn't have the luster lately that is quenching my saving thirst so to speak lol.

      Used to be the coupons made me run to the sidewalk to get it, but with the look of even tomorrows paper I think I will save my bucks!

      Lena how is your family doing? Not sure if you see these post, but will have to message ya! *hugs*