Thursday, July 26, 2012

Who says School Shopping has to BREAK the bank?

With my admiration towards clothes this year I decided to leave my debit card at home, and only take an alotted amount of cash. So with a hundred in my pocket an ad, and store coupons I went with high hopes of saving BiG!

Down south we have outlet stores here and there so JCPenny's outlet had a great deal on shoes, etc. Since this year one will be in uniform I couldn't buy her things here. Since we are on a lean budget I decided that they only needed a couple new pieces to rotate a bit with the new stuff.

First thing is my basket was full. I knew I couldn't afford all of it, but I needed to evaluate what i was going to buy.

At JcPenny's we bought:

5 bras @ 2.99e=14.95
4 bras @ 3.99=15.96
1 pair of Adidas sneakers 34.99-15.00=19.99
2 pair of basketball shorts @5.99+ 7.99=13.98
1 tee shirt 2.99
25% one -2.00
total with tax $68 and change

Off to walmart hubby needed sunglass they broke today *sigh* 13.00
Dinner & ice cream $10
3 drinks & snack $4.05

So out of my hundred I had left $3!!!

I wanted to buy a couple of things since my niece was here, but I couldn't. So much that I WANTED but didn't NEED.
Still as yet I need to buy another pair of shoes for my oldest that wears a size 15 men's SOOOO hard to find! Other than little school supplies, and the uniforms we are moving in the right direction!

Have a BLESSED week!