Sunday, February 5, 2012

Publix 88% Woohoo $10GC!

Yep new website still working out all the kinks! Blogger just is more versatile. That and Java which is pretty well everyday these days. Here is our Publix shopping trip for this week. Yep we did two this week! Both out of this world!

2 Avocadoes 1.29 BOGO -1.00mq=.29/.15e
4 Tena pads 5.19=20.76-[4]5.19mq=0.00 FREE
12 Mur Glen diced tomatoes 1.69=20.28-[4]2.00pq-[6]1.00mq=6.28/.52e
6 Nivea Men Aftershave 5.99= 35.94-40%off 14.38=21.54-[6]2.00mq=9.54/1.59e
2 Dreamfield Lasagna 1.67= 3.34-[2]1.00mq=1.34/.67e
4 Cascadian Farms granola bars 2/$3.99= 7.98-[2]3.00pq-[4]1.10mq= -2.42MM
8 Barilla Grain pasta 1.65 BOGO= 6.60-[4]1.00=2.60/.33e
4 Kraft Miraclewhip 5.18 BOGO=10.36-[2]bogomq [I just noticed she only did it for 3.25e ouch]=3.86/.97e
6 Planters Peanuts 4.39 BOGO=13.17-[3]1.50mq=8.67/1.45e
-$5 competitor coupon
$10 Publix GC when you spend $100!

Total w/tax $21.02!!!!!
Savings of 88% $151.30 saved!

How did you all do this week on your ventures?