Tuesday, February 21, 2012

CVS lip balm trip 2/18

So I went in for the glorified free vitamins with that lovely $5/1 160ct+. Sadly I had no luck with there only being one bottle of vitamins that would fit the budget for those freebies. Then another CVS had four of them, and I modified it briefly to still reach the moneymaking status. After I got in line there were beeps, then the manager read the coupon [which I didn't do bad couponer me] to see that it was only one per order. Disheartening. The manager worked with me and said she would take three of the coupons, but that would still make it out of pocket for me. At this point I heard the comments "You are so cheap," "You will get a gift card," "blahblahblah," the deal just wasn't good enough for me to pay $15. Yes six bottles of glorious vitamins, but I am sure without a shadow of a doubt I can still get them for free. Man alive I ♥ the word free it makes me smile like a Cheshire cat! Enough rambling....

8 Nivea lip balm 2.50=20.00-[4]3.00mq=8.00
received $6.ooecb
Total 2.00/.25

I missed the boat on the freebies at Publix for these, but I couldn't find them anywhere!!! Someone beat me to them! So .25e is fine with me the chickas here just are googly about them!


  1. Nice deal on lip balm. Too bad with the vitamins coupons! Hopefully, you'll find a better deal somewhere.

    1. Thanks Lena hope everything with you & yours are well! Not to bummed on the vitamins there are always deals to be made...never know I could be saving out for something all the more grand right! Bless ya!