Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Aldi's Can't be over $20 trip 2/19

This was a mission that I had to accept budgetwise ;) Out of my budget for this week I used a good chunk at Publix last week, so I decided to go into Aldi's with $20, and call it a day. Seeing as I had the troops with me I know [and you probably know] this is a feat in itself! After years of being a soda drinker I quit. I just don't even like it anymore honestly sometimes I will have a jonesin for some Barq's rootbeer, but all in all it is just terrible for you. Rambling...so here is our trip including DH additions[really he always does, but he wants to go so how can I not lol].

2 gallons milk 5.78
2 cream cheese 2.89
2 cheese puffs [DH addition, but compared to 3.00 in the store he is learning ;)] 1.98
1 bag M&M [DH :S] .99
1 bar milk chocolate [DH I am so weird that I don't care for chocolate much lol] 1.49
1 dz eggs .74
4 soda 2.36
1 glorious spiral ham 5.49
Total 21.72
Over my $20, but I had change in my purse...does that count ;)

Now let me say something. I wasn't going to buy that ham. I really wasn't [I swear!], after all I only have twenty bucks! Needless to say that ham has given us 3 dinners, and 2 breakfast meals. So dinner on a budget....gotta love it! ♥

How did you do this week? Any lovely guilty pleasures? Any recipes for a ham bone other than soup? Making pot beans tonight, but with the leftovers I carved off the bone. Really Phoebe [our baby yellow lab]is eyeballing it on the counter making me a bit nervous.


  1. LOL...change in purse is found money to me....lol

    1. Absolutely thank the lord for that! Nice to find hidden treasure when you need it lol. Thanks for dropping by Gery!